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Windows 8 tiles

Vijay Shukla 3846 27-Dec-2012

In this blog I am explaining the New metro look Windows 8 tiles.

The windows 8 desktop is fully different to the Windows 7 and other Microsoft Windows O.S desktops. Microsoft has reverted the old shortcut icons with new and dynamic tiles. The important thing here to understand is that when you use these tiles, not just the app is opened but all the information about it is displayed too.

In fine, if we compared to the windows 7, in windows 8 have many changes in windows 8 tiles to other Microsoft Windows Operating System regular desktop icons.

Below is about the Windows 8 tiles:-

1.      The tiles would point of only the applications of windows 8. The desktop apps, files, libraries and folders won’t show.

2.      The start screen tasks can be simply performed by both touch screens and the traditional keyboard and mouse.

3.      Icons are placed in a grid on the start screen, you can't find them on desktop.

4.      They icons aren't limpid and its shapes are in rectangular and square.

5.      Icons size is relatively larger than the one found on desktop.

6.      Windows 8 tiles work for applications, you can keep the desktop shortcut on the start screen. These shortcuts look like tiles but it isn't tiles.

7.       Tiles and shortcuts both shapes are square.

8.      All the desktop applications, which also includes the well-known items like control panel will have a dark blue square tile. The modern applications only run in the full screen mode. The modern apps can’t be resized. The desktop apps work exactly the same way as windows 7.

Updated on 9/18/2014 1:24:07 PM
Vijay Shukla

Vijay Shukla

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