Why Choosing a VPN Could Change Your Life

The chances are that we have all heard about the dangers of online security, hopefully, we also know that a VPN service could be our best answer to internet bescherming. Let’s take a look at some of the areas where a VPN can really make the difference.

What is a VPN?

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, it basically means that it is your own personal network through which you can access the greater internet in a secure way. It does this by tunneling your IP address through secure servers and then allowing you to access the internet through these secure servers instead of directly from your computer. This not only hides all of your personal information and data, but it can also change your virtual location. Here are some of the reasons why we could want to do this.

1. Use encrypted connections

As mentioned above, a VPN gives you a secure connection to the internet or to other networks. It does this by hiding all of your information from your internet service provider. This means you can do everything with 100% security, anonymity, and safety (beste internet beveiligingssoftware).

2. Register for Netflix USA

Funny enough more people probably use VPNs for this reason rather than for security reasons. Using a VPN gives you the ability to change your IP location and by doing so you receive all of the benefits of actually being in that location. For example, only people in the US can register for Netflix USA. If you are in any other country at the time of your registration you will be registered in that country. With Netflix, each country has different shows available and certain countries even purposefully withhold certain shows. With your VPN you can change your location to register for a specific country’s Netflix and you will then have full access to all the shows that people in that country enjoy.

3. Get access to blocked websites

One of the most disturbing realities that we live in is the fact that entire countries still get censored. This means that entire websites get blocked off and no person in that country can get access. This is done in an attempt to control what people are allowed to see and hear. Luckily a VPN is an easy way around this.

As mentioned above, you can change your virtual location when using a VPN. So when you are in China and you cannot access a website, you can simply change your location to America or Canada and you should have full access to blocked sites.

4. P2P and torrent downloads

These type of downloads are seen as illegal because of the breach of the user agreements. It is where one person buys a movie or an album and they then share it online for other people to download. A VPN service allows you to do this without any fear of retribution.

These are only a few examples of how we can effectively use VPNs to make our lives safer and more secure.

Last updated:5/8/2019 11:21:53 PM


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