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Side effects of eating pizza regularly

Side effects of eating pizza regularly

HARIDHA P104 04-Jan-2023

Can you ever have just one slice? We all know that eating a pizza slice or two with a large side salad is the ideal thing to do in order to lose weight, but occasionally when you're very hungry, one slice may turn into three or four slices. 

You quickly consume an excessive amount of pizza. While one night of indulgence might not seem like a huge problem, if you regularly consume too much pizza, your body may experience some harmful side effects. 

In order to better understand what happens to our bodies when we consume too much pizza, we made the decision to delve deeply into the scientific literature about the potentially harmful side effects of doing so.

A considerable rise in your chance of getting diabetes occurs.

You may not be aware that a single cheese pizza slice has a high glycemic index. The cheese pizza receives an 80 out of 100, which indicates that it will significantly raise blood sugar levels since it is packed with simple carbohydrates and doesn't include a significant quantity of satiating fibre or protein. An occasional blood sugar rise may not have much of an impact, but frequent spikes increase the chance of diabetes, which can also cause heart disease, blindness, neuropathy, and kidney failure, according to Healthline. However, due to the additional, nutritious toppings, a vegetable supreme pie would only score 49 out of 100 on the index.

You'll continue to consume more and put on weight.

Although this side effect may not first seem harmful, it has the potential to seriously harm your health over time. One study demonstrates that eating foods with a high glycemic index might make you feel hungry afterward, which may prompt you to consume more food and eventually gain weight. Increased risk of inflammation and chronic illness can result from weight increase.

The essential fibre won't be provided to your body.

Why are you still famished after eating pizza? Because fibre, a crucial component that is necessary to make you feel full and aid in weight loss, is not abundant in your pizza. Few cheese pizza slices won't have any fibrous ingredients, and your meal's fibre content will be quite low unless you eat your pizza with a substantial side salad or a whole-grain crust. You may gain weight over time, feel hungry more often, and have digestive problems if you don't consume enough fibre in your diet.

Constipation will affect you frequently.

You could find it more difficult to use the restroom later due to the excess of bread and cheese from each piece. Without fibre, your digestive system will be out of whack, resulting in a backed-up situation in the bathroom later on, which will be quite painful for you. 

Additionally, according to Mayo Clinic, constipation might later result in serious physical problems. So if you consume pizza regularly, perhaps even every day, you'll commonly get painful constipation.

Your chance of developing heart disease will grow.

Pizza can raise your chance of developing heart disease due to its high salt content and the usage of processed meats. A lot of processed meat consumption has reportedly been connected to heart disease, obesity, and cancer, according to PubMed.

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