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Top blogging tools that make it easier to run my blog

HARIDHA P 91 01-Dec-2022

Are you interested in learning about the top blogging tools for WordPress websites and blogs? You've arrived at the proper location. We'll provide you with ten of the top blogging tools on the web to help you create better blog articles, increase your traffic, rank on Google, and more in this article.


One of the best free blogging tools available is Sumo. You may add email capture forms, social sharing buttons, and numerous metrics to your blog. A/B split testing and more complex templates are available in the premium version, which is also available.

One of my all-time favorite blogging tools is Sumo because, even at the free level, it gives you a lot of flexibility and power.

Nate Desmond, for instance, used Sumo to essentially overnight build his email list by 1000%. Robbie Richards also used the technique to gather 4,635 emails, so he is not alone. How about getting the same outcomes?


The Swiss Army Knife of internet marketing is Sendinblue. Using their sophisticated email tools, you can create a customized email template. Additionally, you may utilize it for live chat and customized SMS marketing. In order to write email text that converts well, you should also use heat maps, A/B testing, and real-time data.

Given that Sendinblue includes other functionality like the Facebook ads module, re-targeting, and landing page development, we would especially suggest it for eCommerce. Since we have been utilizing Sendinblue, we can speak from personal experience on its capabilities. The main reasons we included it on our list of blogging tools are all these capabilities.


The finest online tool for designing unique photos that you can use on social media or as part of blog posts is undoubtedly Canva. Consider highlighted photos, inside-the-content photos, etc. Basically, do whatever to improve the aesthetics of your blog.

I appreciate Canva because of the high caliber of templates they provide. Having eye-catching images is one of the most crucial aspects of blogging and social media success.


My favorite blogging tool on this list is undoubtedly Grammarly. It automatically ensures proper grammar and spelling in your posts! The execution of your blog content strategy depends on excellent writing.

Yoast SEO

One of the most crucial aspects of running a blog or website is search engine optimization (SEO). Yoast SEO is one of the greatest blogging tools for SEO; it makes sure you cover all the fundamentals and optimizes each of your pages and posts.

The thing I enjoy best about Yoast is how easy it is to use. You may ensure basic SEO on every page by simply adhering to their directions once you've authored a page or a post.


Since we're talking about SEO, I wanted to bring up Ahrefs. With the help of Ahrefs, you may conduct keyword research to make sure you're focusing on the best, most popular, and easiest to rank for keywords.

Although this tool is not free or inexpensive, it does come with a free two-week trial. As an alternative, you can utilize SEMrush or Moz, one of their rivals (who also have free trials, hint hint). Whichever option you use, I strongly advise using a keyword research tool if you're serious about ranking on Google. Without them, your only option is Google Keyword Planner, which is hardly helpful in identifying the best keywords.

Restore Old Post

A clever application called Revive Old Post enables automated and simple sharing of your writings. It seamlessly interacts with your WordPress articles and chooses a random post from your archive to be shared at regular intervals. Here's how it functions:

The tool cuts down on the time you need to spend remembering to share outdated posts or even thinking about social media, even though it isn't as inexpensive as some of the others on this list. This is a terrific tool for you if, like many other blog and business owners, you don't like to take the time to regularly update your social feeds.

My Photographs

Finding high-quality, freely usable photographs is a significant challenge that every blogger faces. A great blog post must have excellent graphics. Finding fantastic, top-notch stock photos is made simple with the help of My Stock Photos, the next tool on our list of the finest blogging tools. Without charge.

Free really is the best option. Just be careful not to overload your articles with unrelated images now that you have access to them. Make sure they are all pertinent and useful.

Live chat

Even if it's not the most obvious option for a blog, having live chat features can help you get to know your visitors better. You may find out what they like to read about, receive their opinions on your writing, and learn about their main problems.

There are a few live chat apps that we particularly appreciate. Based on your needs, some may be better for you than the others as they are all slightly different from one another. All of them are seen here.

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