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Investing in the Future of Real Money Games

Investing in the Future of Real Money Games

Austin Luthar515 10-Jun-2022

Before Apple launched the iPhone in 2007, gaming was an expensive affair. You needed a gaming PC or a console like PlayStation. Then you had to purchase games from developers like EA, Ubisoft, and Microsoft.

These days, you don’t need an Xbox or PlayStation. If you own a smartphone, you can play hundreds of games. Importantly, lots of modern games come free of charge.

From an investor’s perspective, it might seem that gaming no longer generates as much money as it once did. But this is not exactly true. If you want to invest in the future of gaming, consider real money games.

What are Real Money Games?

Real money games are titles played using real money. Usually, there’s also a reward for winning. Think of slot machines, roulette, blackjack, poker, and craps. Winning can earn you $10, $1000, or a million dollars.

To be clear, real money games are inexpensive. You can spin the reels of a slot machine for less than a dollar. With $5, you can participate in a poker or blackjack competition.

In 2022, real money games are growing popular rapidly, indicating there’s a huge potential to make money from the industry.

Should you Invest in Real Money Games?

Although there’s money to be made in the iGaming industry, start by learning why it is exploding below.

• Live Casino Technology

Live casino technology is a new way of playing casino games like poker, roulette, craps, blackjack, and baccarat. It combines software with video to provide an atmosphere where you can view and interact with your opponents while gambling online.

It is like multiplayer gaming except you compete to win real money and not video game skins. What’s more, it is immersive, allowing you to experience online casino games as though you were at a luxurious Las Vegas casino.

Discover live casinos online in this handy guide. Learn how to acquire live casino bonuses and the best games to play. Spoiler alert: you can also play popular Indian games—Teen Patti and Andar Bahar at live dealer casinos.

• Mobile Gaming

As we mentioned earlier, mobile gaming changed the industry forever. In the beginning, critics believed smartphones would never support advanced games. In reality, today’s smartphones can support complex games.

You can play Call of Duty, Fortnite, FIFA 22, PUBG, and tons of casino games through an android or iOS device. Let’s focus more on casino games. Around the world, more than 70% of Internet users depend on smartphones for web browsing.

This means the fact growth witnessed in the iGaming sector has a lot to do with smartphones. A lot more people can afford smartphones today. What’s more, Internet penetration has improved.

Still, on mobile casinos, players no longer need to install gambling apps. They can play their favorite slots and poker games through browsers.

• Increased Legalization

Online gambling hasn’t always been a regulated industry. It is still prohibited in many countries around the world. However, the trend is changing. More and more countries are legislating new iGaming laws.

Legalizing online casinos means more people get to gamble online. In turn, it leads to more profits for casinos and investors. Depending on how you invest, you stand to make more money from iGaming today than in the past.

Of course, investing is greatly influenced by location. To expound more, people in the UK are more likely to buy gambling stocks from British casinos. Likewise, Americans who love stocks would most probably buy American casino stocks.

That’s alright, though. The Internet now makes it easy to invest in businesses from any part of the world. You can buy American stocks while in Australia. Or you could bet on football through a sportsbook based in Panama even if you live in Canada.

• New Banking Technologies

The banking sector has always been an important partner of online casinos. When banking at online casinos was difficult, the gaming industry couldn’t thrive. But once it became easier to deposit and withdraw from gambling sites, the industry exploded.

For clarity, there are numerous ways to bank in the online casino industry. Think of digital wallets like PayPal, Google Pay, and Skill. Then there are card payments like Visa and MasterCard. On the other end, you can use bank transfers, electronic checks, and crypto.

Some of these banking methods have advanced security methods that help protect players from scammers. This helps assure potential gamblers that their money will be safe. And therefore, they shouldn’t be afraid to bet online.

How to Invest in the Future of Real Money Games

We’ve already talked about the reasons gaming is spreading globally. But how do you make money from the industry?

• Play Casino Games

Most people play online casino games to have a little bit of fun. But if you get serious about it, you could turn it into a career. Think of Daniel Negreanu and Phil Ivey. They’ve accumulated millions of dollars by playing poker professionally.

• Buy Casino Stocks

Online casinos are projected to grow exponentially in the next decade. That means buying the right gambling stocks today could earn you decent money in the future.

Of course, investing needs thorough research. So, take time to learn how to pick good stocks before you spend your money.

• Start a Blog

As more people become acquainted with real money games, they will need guides, news, and directions. A blog could help educate new casino players on the games to choose from, casinos to use and tips to follow.

To make money, you can run adverts on your websites. Or you could partner with casinos to conduct marketing for them. In exchange, you get paid in commissions.

• Work in the Industry

The best way to invest in the casino sector would be to launch an online casino. But it is too expensive. However, you could still make money from the industry by finding work in the sector.

Maybe you’re a software engineer, a marketer, accountant, dealer, or developer. There are tons of jobs in the iGaming sector. Some of these jobs are mobile, meaning you can work from home.

Digital marketing is, as the word suggests, the use of digital media to market products. There are multiple websites where people can buy products. This applies to products such as clothes, technical tools, groceries, medicines, food, and so much more. So much so that one doesn’t have to leave the house if one doesn’t want to

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