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Finding the Best Tool to Perform Image Capture on Windows

Finding the Best Tool to Perform Image Capture on Windows

Anvi Lewis 739 07-Oct-2021

Are you looking for a tool to perform image capture on Windows? If yes, then you arrived at the right place! There are many ways to perform image capture on Windows. You can use an app or consider building one. While a ready-to-use app may save you time, it may not offer all the features you are looking for. And, if you are planning to build a solution from scratch, it will be a highly time-consuming and expensive affair. So, what's the ideal option to choose? Using a document scanning SDK will be a good solution in such a situation. In this blog, we will acquaint you with the features of a scanner SDK and how it can help you perform image capture on Windows.

Image Capture: Features to Consider while Looking for a Scanner SDK

There's no doubt that a document scanner SDK is the best option to build scanning applications for desktop and mobile. Below, we will share some essential features that you must consider in a document scanning SDK. Take a look.

Fast Speed:

Speed is critical when you have to scan thousands of documents every day. While looking for a scanner SDK, do not forget to consider the speed of the solution. The faster the scanner, the better, as it will improve productivity. Various leading scanner SDKs can scan thousands of documents in a single session.

Document Editing Features:

Although the primary function of scanner SDK is to perform image capture and save documents, it is always good to choose an SDK that also offers basic editing functionalities. Look for an SDK that comes with features such as crop, rotate, mirror, erase, flip, and changing image size.

Easy Integration:

There's no point in buying an SDK that offers exciting features but is hard to integrate. Opt for an SDK that can be easily integrated into your applications using just a few lines of code. The idea is to make your application development faster and easier, and not the other way round.

Robust Security Features:

All sorts of documents have to be scanned daily. Hence, security becomes critical. It's best to partner with an ISO-certified vendor that offers several security features such as data encryption, digital signature and mandatory authorization access to local files, scanners, or webcams. To perform image capture on Windows, some other crucial security features include digital signature by VeriSign, Windows authentication, Forms authentication, and Basic authentication.

Timely Upgrades:

Microsoft provides timely upgrades for Windows. Hence, the SDK that you choose must also provide proper updates to let your application run smoothly.

Add-On Features for Multiple Operations:

Apart from performing image capture, it's good if the scanner SDK you choose also provides add-ons such as barcode scanning functionality, OCR for text recognition, and PDF rasterizer to convert the text in PDF files to image files.

Online Demos and Free Trials:

It is always a good decision to try products before buying them. The same is applicable for a scanner SDK as well. Try online demos, download free trials and explore all the features to understand how the SDK works. Compare different options and see which one is the best for your requirements.

Good Technical Support:

Technical issues can become a bottleneck in your workflows. Choose a vendor that is known for providing top-grade technical support.

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