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Landing Page: 6 Tips To Increase Your Conversion Rate!

Landing Page: 6 Tips To Increase Your Conversion Rate!

OMT LAHORE 533 01-Sep-2021

An optimized Landing Page is critical to maximizing your conversion rate. Landing page optimization is therefore one of the most efficient strategies to boost your success and the better we do it, the better results we will get.

The landing pages are designed with the primary objective of generating the desired conversion for your business, how to convert visitors into leads. Therefore, they must attract the visitor's attention, arouse their interest, provoke a desire to buy and motivate them to take action. Below, we share with you 6 tips that we consider important to improve the performance of your landing pages.

1# The right formula for the title

The title should:

clearly identify the offer of the landing pages,

communicate its advantages to the customer,

be action-oriented.

Use this formula and you'll see how easy it is to create suggestive titles. For example, if the offer is an ebook on Inbound Marketing, choose a title like “download this ebook and learn about the advantages of Inbound Marketing for your company”. By designating the type of offer you are providing ( ebook, infographic or others), you will also be helping Google to identify the content of your page.

The title must be short, direct and clear and must be followed by a subtitle that helps the visitor to better understand the landing page offer and its advantages.

2# Explanation of the offer and benefits it brings to the visitor

As you better explain your offer and the benefits it brings, keeps in mind your personas and where you are in the shopping funnel so that the message is geared to your needs. Present visually appealing text and make it easier for those who visit your landing pages to read, using numbering, bullets and using bold, whenever justified.

Remember: your visitors will make the decision to advance on the shopping journey in seconds, so you can't be too careful to prevent their attention and interest from diminishing. Be objective, avoid “losing yourself” selling your company (you will have time for that later) and choose not to use technical terms.

3# Images and/or videos: absolutely mandatory

Including an image or video on your landing pages can make them more visually appealing and help communicate your offer. Images and videos must be relevant and therefore directly related to your offer. If it is, for example, an ebook, choose to include an image of its cover. Infographics and diagrams are rich materials that also work.

4# Form suitable for each landing page

All landing pages include a form as it is through filling it in that the visitor provides his/her data and contacts. From here, you will have the information you need to establish and nurture the relationship with your leads, deep down potential customers.

The form should not be too long, in order not to discourage you from filling it out. There is a direct relationship between the value of the offer on your landing pages and the number of fields to fill: the more valuable the offer, the more information you can request. However, always choose to limit your form to questions that are really valuable to your company's marketing strategy. If, for example, you are not used to contacting customers by phone, avoid asking for their number.

5# Efficient call to action

The CTA's of landing pages should be short, clear and motivate the visitor to the membership: this is your main goal. To do this, a CTA message must:

Instilling some urgency: “get it now” or “don't miss this opportunity” are some examples.

Communicate the benefits of the offer to the visitor. Like? “I want to know more” or “I want to learn more now” are some possibilities.

Be enlightening. Your visitors should know exactly what will happen once they click on the CTA. Are you going to download an ebook? Receive emails? Be clear, in order to manage well the expectations of those who visit your website's landing pages.

Have eye-catching colours that make you stand out on landing pages. You can test different shades to see which one is more attractive.

6# Include sharing icons on social media

In addition to making known the number of people who have already subscribed to the product/service you are offering, increasing confidence and encouraging your visitor to move forward in the purchase journey, the icons allow the dissemination of your website and, particularly, of the offer from your landing pages.

A well-performing landing page does not require the integration of all the tips described in this article. However if after two weeks, your landing page does not make a conversion rate of 20%, provide some time to analyze it and see if there is good practice to add. To do this, put yourself in your persona's shoes: is the title appealing and clear? Will the form be too long? Are there too many distractions on the page (eg the navigation menu or other links)? The content material is not immediately visible? When making changes, choose to change or add one element at a time – only then will it be possible to test it in isolation and see its effectiveness.



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