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Landing Page: What Colors to Use to Improve Results!

Landing Page: What Colors to Use to Improve Results!

OMT LAHORE 490 01-Sep-2021

A landing page essentially serves to convert visitors into leads and, at the same time, get more data about who was interested in that specific topic.  It's time to share with you which colors are best suited to use on these pages.

Today, we know that colors have different meanings and that they can influence the decisions we make. Colors have an increasingly important role in marketing as they are a great ally to capture the attention of visitors to your page or website . So it's important that you know exactly what signals you're sending your visitors and how to make the most of it.

1. What do the colors say?


Red is often used in sales, because they communicate some urgency , or in food related businesses, as they also transmit energy . You should use red on the landing page to create some excitement and restlessness (in a good way) for your visitor.


If your landing page is related to products or outdoor activities or linked to financial services, green is the color you should bet on. This color is also a great choice for landing page call-to-action buttons as it encourages action as it is linked to nature and growth.


Blue is probably one of the most used colors in marketing as it is a calm color that conveys confidence . If you use this color on the landing page, the visitor will read the information more carefully and, consequently, will be more predisposed to become a lead. Many companies use blue in their logos to convey a message of transparency, professionalism and trust. It is also the color of communication . Just see the logo of Facebook , Paypal , LinkedIn , among others.

#Yellow orange

Such as red, yellow and orange are also colors that a lot of attention and therefore ideal for use on the buttons call-to-action from the landing page . However, unlike red, yellow and orange convey the feeling of joy , youth, confidence and creativity . They manage to capture the attention of visitors because they are bright and eye-catching colors that create impulses. They are widely used in sports businesses or children's products. However, if you use these colors too much, it can give a feeling of alarm to those who visit your page. So be careful!


Black is considered the most sophisticated color and therefore tends to be related to luxury businesses. If you use black correctly on the landing page, it will convey to the visitor that your product is elegant , exclusive and has a certain power in your business area.


If you've already explored the rules of Inbound Marketing , then you've probably noticed that one of the most important “colors” you should use on your landing page (and throughout your website ) is white . Visitors have very positive responses when they enter a clean page and white is one of the fundamental pieces of those pages. Let your content breathe, enveloping it and respecting the white space more. See Google's example .

2. Use colors to highlight call-to-action buttons

The primary colors and strong are great for use in call-to-action buttons for various reasons: encourage the visitor to take an action, draw attention and usually have conversion rates quite high. Dark colors don't work so well on call-to-action buttons, so black, gray and purple are some of the colors to avoid.

3. Don't leave the brand colors behind

While these colors will help improve your conversion results in their own way, it 's important that you don't forget about your brand identity . When building the landing page, consider the colors of your logo and add the colors that match the best. If you create a landing page that is totally different from your brand or from the rest of your website pages , you will run the risk of the landing page losing some credibility and your visitor's trust.

When building the landing page, you need to be careful not to turn your campaign into a rainbow. Among so many offers, full of liveliness and color, the one that makes the best use of colors will stand out, without having to use them all. A clean, creative and brand- coherent design are the three powers that your landing page must have, when it comes to color.



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