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How to choose the right developer for your startup?

How to choose the right developer for your startup?

Uttam Sharma 728 27-Aug-2021

Because hiring is such an important aspect of building a successful business, it also can be challenging.  Hiring the right developer is not just about getting a great product out the door. It's also about getting the best developer possible to work with your team, products, and culture – all while being able to move quickly after the hire.

What kind of issues and mistakes might happen?
It's not just about knowing what skills you need on day one. When you're hiring a new developer or designer, there are some fundamental questions you need to ask:

1.    Are you willing to commit to working on this project for a full 12 months?
2.    Can you commit to working remotely?
3.    If so, what's the best way for you to communicate those commitments to the prospective developer?
4.    Can you build automated tasks in an iterative fashion?
5.    Can you think critically about solving problems and what's involved in getting things done?

These questions are important because they underline what kind of experience you're looking for and help point out areas where your developer might have fallen short.  This approach is useful because it lets you narrow down your search based on factors like past experiences, such as work on similar software or cross-platform compatibility issues, rather than having to sift through an endless stream of CVs looking for any sort of connection.

This is a list of common issues and mistakes that are experienced by the developers and people who hire them. This is given in no particular order and should give you some clarity when considering the options available in the future.

Danger Signs:  
•    The work is being outsourced or you don't see the person regularly.
•    The software is not up to standards.
•    The contract is ambiguous or difficult to understand.
•    The price seems too good to be true.
•    You find yourself explaining ambiguous terms and conditions to a seemingly different person.
•    The work looks like it has hidden costs.

How can the proper developers help with the first startup app?
One of the top lessons that early-stage startups can learn from other successful businesses is to surround themselves with excellent developers. Even if you are building an app from scratch, there are things that can be done to improve the quality of development and launch time. It's incredibly difficult to get a good team together and keep them motivated if you don't put effort into seeking out great talent. The devs who you choose will impact how far your app goes and whether it even becomes an app at all.

The proper developers can help you identify the features you need in your product and help you choose free or paid software accordingly. This is especially true if your product has a functionality or feature set very different from what's available on the free or paid app stores.

How does it help with frequent problems?
When it comes to apps, there are two main problems that most companies face. The first is finding app developers. There are thousands of developers who have created apps; however, only a fraction of them are quality. The second problem is scaling their app. With the proper team behind you, you can easily grow your business and reach more customers. Nonetheless, if you don’t have the appropriate tools with you, or if they don’t work as they should, your app will not grow as quickly as possible.

How to choose a development company is an exercise in strategic thinking. You need to identify a company that has a proven record in making successful software and services—one that clients will trust and stick with.  Webspace Team offers competitive development services and has experience in software development for startups.

The chosen developer for your startup can make or break your startup. What does that mean? Many people don’t realize that choosing the wrong developer can be even more disastrous than choosing the wrong product or team. A startup is the most important thing you will work on in your life, so choosing a developer is essential. If you don’t take care of this crucial piece correctly, all other efforts will be for nothing. It’s important that you understand everything about choosing the best developer for your startup before you even begin searching for one.

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