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5 Interesting Services You Can Find Online

5 Interesting Services You Can Find Online

Pedro Araez 675 07-Aug-2021

You've exhausted your social media feeds, watched everything that interests you on your streaming services and trawled all your favorite auction sites to no avail. What's left to do online? There are plenty of other services. You just must know where to look.

Listen to Foreign Radio

If you love to travel but can't afford it or are an avid armchair traveler, there are great opportunities for that. Check out radio stations from around the world. There are both apps and websites that will take you to radio stations in England and Ecuador, Morocco, and Malaysia, or just about any other place in the world. This can be a wonderful window into the everyday life of people across the planet.

Cook Something

Whether you love to cook or you're a novice in the kitchen, there's a recipe site online for you. One of the great advantages of recipe sites online compared to cookbooks is that readers can be unsparing in their feedback. That means that if a recipe isn't working for a lot of people, you'll know. Most people who maintain their own cooking sites also tend to be good about answering questions in the comments, so if you're nervous about your first foray into Chinese cooking food or cooking at all, you can usually get a little handholding.

If you already know how to cook well, you can still find ways to upgrade your culinary game online. If you are planning a renovation, you can review a guide to open vs closed kitchen floorplans to help match your needs with the best layout option. Some sites even allow you to create mock floor plans of your space so you can get a visual of how each layout might look and function for you.

Shop For the Unusual

Step outside of your comfort zone and go shopping for something that you ordinarily wouldn't. Are you a smoker? Have you thought about using a vaporizer instead? The Mighty vaporizer by Storz & Bickel offers all day battery power and can help you trade in the smoke for something cleaner. Another interesting thing you can shop for is online experiences. For example, on home sharing and travel sites, you might be able to join a virtual tour of someone's hometown, which just happens to be Paris, or take a class in cooking Indian food from a chef in India.

Change Your Life

There's also an array of genuinely life-changing services online. Are you looking for your soulmate? There's no shortage of dating sites and you can read guides to the best ones for your goals. Maybe you want to go back to school. You can get a degree online as well. Are you thinking of moving to another city, state or country? Find out how the cost of living compares to where you live now and join a message board or a group on social media that can tell you more about the place you want to move to. If you aren't sure what kind of change you need, there are plenty of life coaches online who would be eager to work with you and help you figure that out.

Learn Something

It's never been so easy to learn so much. You don't have to enroll in a formal college program or even pay any money to take online courses from professors around the world in subjects ranging from physics to history, poetry writing to management and more. Learn a new language with a myriad of apps and websites for students of all levels. Get involved in an open-source project and teach yourself to code. There's almost no limit to what you can learn online, much of it for free.

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