Top 8 Myths About UPSC Exam

Top 8 Myths About UPSC Exam

Union Public Service Commission or UPSC arrange Civil Service examination each year which is contemplated among the world’s top 3 toughest examinations.

The number of Indian youngsters who appear for UPSC in search of a glorious future is counted in lakhs where only thousands or so become able to establish their name in this field.

Though the competition level is relatively remarkable in this category, it doesn’t take a long time to build up potent myths about the whole examination procedure.

These fallacies create a negative impact regarding the UPSC syllabus in the mind of an aspiring student indeed. Additionally, aspirants having the quality of cracking UPSC get apprehensive, and some of them even mumble goodbye to their dreams as well.

However, cracking UPSC under the burden of certain artificial and wrong opinions along with completing the vast UPSC exam syllabus gets too much to deal with for a novice.

Thus, rectifying the myths is utterly essential for the well-being of the aspirants. Let’s have a look at the commonest misconceptions about the UPSC exam and get elucidated with them within a minute.

You can't crack UPSC without enrolling yourself in a decent coaching Center.

The myth is completely inaccurate as you don’t need to run to a coaching class if it isn’t required. Nowadays, technologies are getting extremely advanced.

You can collect anything from the internet according to the IAS exam syllabus.

You just have to follow all the notes, current affairs, and entire necessary materials as these will let you achieve a great score in the UPSC exam indeed.

All you need to be dedicated, self-motivated, and confident to accomplish better results in an examination like this.

You have to study approximately 14 hours a day to attain a great rank.

You can consider this line as a complete myth as that is not mentioned anywhere that aspirants should be committed for almost 14 hours a day just to ace the exam successfully.

Several candidates couldn't crack the exam even after studying for hours and hours.

If you begin preparing yourself wholeheartedly by following your UPSC prelims syllabus, then you can even achieve success by studying for at least 2-3 hours a day. But make sure that you are enthusiastically devoting yourself to cover the IAS syllabus in these 2-3 hours. Always remember that at the end of the day, your commitment and knowledge matters.

Candidates must have to remember each portion of the syllabus thoroughly.

It’s not right! Although knowing the vast IAS Prelims syllabus is essential, remembering everything in detail might be challenging. Additionally, reading each portion entirely is time-consuming and unnecessary as well.

You should have detailed knowledge about the chapters indeed that can be done by scanning the headings and sub-headings. Making a catalog of the vital portions and memorizing the gist of rather superfluous chapters should be your priority.

Adequate writing proficiency is a must to crack UPSC

If you look at the UPSC mains syllabus, you will see that the entire syllabus is based on subjective papers. All the candidates have to write numerous lengthy answers or articles according to the rules of the examination.

If you do not have enough knowledge considering this matter, there's nothing to get feared about. You just need enough practice to get proficient in writing since practice makes everything perfect. Begin writing articles from today with maintaining the time boundary and be an excellent writer.

You have to select group study to ace the exam.

This myth is indeed erroneous! Numerous students are getting remarkable scores throughout the years by studying individually. There is nothing beyond proper dedication and commitment.

If you think to prepare yourself individually, pursue all the guidance and notes online and obtain the best result in the upcoming UPSC examination.

You can’t clear UPSC without English.

This myth is so bizarre that it has become practically a concern for thousands who are not comfortable with this language. According to the aspirant's preference, as per the Civil Services syllabus, the interview is taken in twenty-two different languages.

The main thing that matters is proficiency and awareness about particular topics. So, don’t worry and start your preparation in any language you are comfortable in.

It's impossible to crack the UPSC exam if you already have a job.

No! This is incorrect for sure. Nowadays, several candidates pass out with a tremendous score even after getting busy with full-time employment.

You also can achieve success in an exam like UPSC even after being an employee in a company or under government if you can prepare yourself adequately according to your available time.

Your determination and willpower will allow fulfilling your ambition and attain accomplishment in your future.

UPSC exam is the most challenging examination all around the world

There is nothing complicated in this world until you start believing them tough. Everything is possible for human beings if they devote themselves and work hard wholeheartedly on the right path.

Cracking the exam like UPSC successfully is not a huge deal for you if you start preparing yourself and appropriately following every online or offline guideline. So, stop believing all the myths about the IAS examination; start believing in yourself first.


Hope you all have collected the notion of how myths and exaggeration of certain beliefs can be harmful both practically and mentally for a student. With Elite IAS, you can get a professional direction of experienced faculty members.

Additionally, if you want to get your hands in the UPSC syllabus pdf, don’t flinch to each out.

Providing professional support to each candidate and helping them to achieve their dream job by overpowering the myths is our ultimate responsibility.

If you are still in any confusion, contact us as soon at the earliest. We are always ready to expand our helping hand to the optimistic aspirants. Get in touch with us to know more.

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