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What Does a Full Stack Developer Need To Know?

What Does a Full Stack Developer Need To Know?

Careerera 763 04-Mar-2021

What are the Basic Knowledge That A Full Stack Web Developer Need to Know

Full stack web developers are becoming increasingly popular in the world of technology and software development. Their increasing popularity is leading many people to ask the question - What Does a Full Stack Developer Need To Know?”

This question has a long and detailed answer which we will provide in this article.

We will mention the educational qualifications a full stack web developer should possess and also the skills and knowledge he should have under his belt if he ever hopes to contribute to software development projects in the real world. He can gain all of these by taking Full Stack developer certification and training.

Educational qualifications of a full stack web developer -

1. Bachelor’s degree -
  • A full-stack web developer should have a bachelor’s degree in any technical field such as computer science, mathematics, IT, etc.
  • He should have attended a university or college for 4 years and should have enrolled in a 4-year program that awards a degree at the end.
  • He should have paid careful attention to the instructors of his course and studied all the course study materials of the course thoroughly.
  • This includes going through the video lectures, audio lectures, notes, surprise quizzes, assignments, and capstone projects thoroughly.
  • These things are provided in a Full Stack developer certification online too.
2. Master’s degree -
  • The second step is to join a university or college again in order to enroll in a 2-year master's degree program.
  • In this step, one will be starting with 4 years of prior experience of studying in a university or a college.
  • So, one will be able to adapt to the university or college environment with ease.
  • As long as one doesn’t get sidetracked by the pleasures and distractions of college life, one will be able to sail through the master's program with ease and will be able to add yet another educational qualification to their name.
  • The only thing remaining after that will be to join a PGP in Full Stack Development Course.

Skills and knowledge of a full stack web developer -

  • HTML or hypertext markup language is used by software developers to add content to their websites.
  • This content can include text, hyperlinks, audios, videos, and images can learn these languages by taking a Full Stack developer certification online.
2. Javascript -
  • Javascript is a very important programming language for full stack web developers.
  • Its specialty is that Javascript code can run both on the front-end in the web browser in native mode and it can also run in the back-end or server-side through Node.js.
  • Full stack web developers use Javascript to create responsive web pages, take inputs from web pages, and add behaviors to web pages.
  • It provides many powerful features such as functions, prototypes, higher-order event delegation, and closures.
  • Javascript is taught in any decent Full Stack developer certification online.
3. Git and Github -
  • Git is the project management software of choice in the software development world.
  • It is a very small and very fast project management tool written in the C language by the creator of the Linux kernel.
  • It provides full backup, archival, and cloning features which means that software repositories can be duplicated across multiple instances as many times as one wants and preserve their entire history of development along the way.
  • Github is a very useful website that is used by millions of software developers. It provides a very smooth and seamless interface for various commonly used Github features.
  • It is very accessible and user-friendly and one does not need any prior programming experience to use it.
4. HTTP and REST -
  • HTTP is a protocol that helps to carry out communication and data transfers between clients and servers.
  • REST is a protocol that targets HTTP-using machines and is used to gather data from them and process it later.
  • Both of these can be learned by getting a Full Stack developer certification online.
5. NPM -
  • NPM is a highly extensible and highly configurable package manager for Node.js.
  • It is very useful and lets full stack web developers install Node.js packages into their personal projects.
  • It even carries out automatic dependency checking for broken or out-of-date packages.
  • NPM’s usage is taught in the PGP in Full Stack Development Course.
6. Backend languages -
  • A full-stack web developer should know the following backend languages very well – PHP, Python, Ruby, Java, .NET.
  • He can learn these by taking a PGP in Full Stack Development Course.

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