How to Develop an eCommerce Website By Using WordPress?

How to Develop an eCommerce Website By Using WordPress?

WordPress is a major content management system that has rich functionalities that make web publishing convenient and quicker. Apart from being a free and open-source content management system, WordPress is also a good eCommerce website development platform. You can have a full-fledged eCommerce store development easily with this CMS that will have excellent features. WordPress is counted as an easy web development platform that allows creating different websites including eCommerce stores. In this blog, we will show the complete process of an eCommerce website using WordPress web development.

Steps to create eCommerce websites using WordPress

Get a domain name

A business whether online or offline should have a unique name that identifies itself from others. For an online business, a domain name is crucial as it uniquely identifies it. So first you need a domain name for your site that will represent it and your customers will identify your business by this name.

Choose a web host

The next step is to look for a web host where you will host your site. There are lots of web hosting companies out there that are offering varied packages for hosting your site. You can choose a suitable web hosting option for your e-commerce website. Choosing the right hosting service provider is important for website functionality and performance. Look for a web host that is high-performing and offers scalability.

Install WordPress

You can hire WordPress developers to install and set up your website. But if you choose to do it yourself then you can do it in two ways: one-click install or manual installation. When it comes to choosing a web host, you should look for a web hosting service provider that offers the perk of one-click installation. It is the easiest way to install WordPress on your host. In the manual installation method, you need to download WordPress on your computer then upload it to your server.

Install and set up WooCommerce

WooCommerce is a very popular WordPress plugin that allows adding e-commerce functionality to your site. It’s a free plugin and it’s an open-source e-commerce platform. This plugin can be utilized to build high-end e-commerce websites. Install and set up WooCommerce to build your online store. Following are the steps to configure your online store:

Install and activate WooCommerce

Add business details

Choose payment options

Select shipping options

Select complimentary themes/plugins

Activate Jetpack

Pick a theme

Now is the time to pick a theme for your site. There are lots of website themes out there available both for free and on premium. You can choose a suitable website theme for your site. You can also customize your website theme. You need to hire a WordPress developer to create a tailor-made website. Themes will provide your site a rich look and feel.

Add products

Once you have added the desired website theme, the next step is to add the products to your online store. As soon as you install Jetpack, in the last screen of the initial setup, you will encounter a screen to add your products. Fill in all the product details to add the products to your site.

Add other plugins

After completing all these steps now you can add additional plugins like Yoast for SEO and security plugins to complete your WordPress website development process. You also need to update product images, content, privacy policy, etc, and make it public.

Wrapping up 

These days developing an e-commerce website is not rocket science and you can create a decent website today without any technical know-how. As far as eCommerce website development is concerned there are lots of options available in the market. WordPress+WooCommerce is a robust platform to develop e-commerce websites. With the steps above, you can create a full-fledged e-commerce site on WordPress.

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