The Growth of Hand Sanitizer Industry under the Shadow of Necessity 2021

The Growth of Hand Sanitizer Industry under the Shadow of Necessity 2021

Previously, Hand sanitizer was perceived as an alternative to soap and water in public places, originally hand sanitizer was introduced as an antiseptic solution to prevent the transmission of several nosocomial foods borne disease along with killing other harmful pathogens and bacteria on our hands.

 Over the years, the basic formula of hand sanitizers was modified with fragrances to boost the demand for sanitizers in the market while projecting it as a product for improved living standards, and better hygiene.

While certain ingredients hampered the market growth of hand sanitizers, the product also got support from organizations such as WHO and FDA. By 2019 it fragmented into hospitals, households, and restaurants as measures for better hygiene standards.

 However, as the pandemic took a toll on the lives of millions of individuals globally in 2020, safety and hygiene measures were more enhanced. The health organizations globally announced to increase the use of anti-bactericidal soaps, sanitizers, and masks along with maintaining distance and total isolation. The use of masks and sanitizers were deemed necessary and the production houses as well tripled the manufacturing for the global supply and subsequently, the market experienced drastic market value.

Highlighted Market Growth Points:

Today the market of hand sanitizer offers protection by-products in form of gel, foam, spray, liquid, wipes and etc. through different distribution channels including departmental stores, drug stores, online stores, and even high-end lifestyle and skincare brands. In 2016, gel hand sanitizers accounted for the maximum shares of market profit.

The Global hand Sanitizer Market net worth was $919 million in 2016 and is expected to reach 1,755 million by 2023. The market is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 9.9% according to the 2017-2023 forecast period.

With more unrelated companies inventing the line of luxury hand sanitizers in 2021, the market value is expected to be triple.

Sanitizer Industry as a Business In 2021:

Pandemic in its earlier days created a panic among the citizens and initiated a hoarding mode in everyone. Shelves within a blink of an eye would be emptied of products like Purcell and toilet papers. The panic situation continued for at least 6 months before the hoarders settled down.

Meanwhile, the standard companies tripled the manufacture of sanitizers, several high-end lifestyle brands, and skin lines companies took the opportunity to cash the pandemic under the shadow of necessity. The shortage of standard sanitizer meant citizens were willing to pay extra compared to the cost of living.

Despite the fact that several private organizations introduced their new line of hand sanitizers and masks during the desperate times of COVID 19, Kylie Jenner came under the fire for cashing the pandemics and was frowned upon. Kylie, soon after the pandemic started introducing a line of branded masks and in January 2021 announced on social media that the Kylie skin hand sanitizer is finally at stores at the cost of just $7 which is triple the price of a sanitizer at a drugstore.

Moving forward from the controversial Kardashian Family, you could find several companies cashing the pandemic under the illusion that the novel idea behind is to promote safety measures and defeat the COVID19 as soon as possible.

Celebrity makeup artist Sean James is another person completely unrelated to the hand sanitizer industry who introduced the sanitizer in his product line for the win. The artist claims that the product is a non-sticky, non-drying, and fast evaporating sanitizer available in a four-ounce packaging for convenient carry. For the selling point, the artist added the luxury scents (as advertised by the company) of lavender bergamot and lemon made from essential oil

Should Celebrity Be Cashing The Pandemic?

The key drivers in the growth of the hand sanitizer market include growth opportunities and the role of different key players.

Although it might appear a tone-deaf activity (in terms of marketing) when celebrities use their fame/ image to endorse products and yet it is one of the best strategies for market growth of a product.

Sports and entertainment celebrities often at the peak of their career or after retirement become ambassadors of brands and products including personal hygiene and grooming, sportswear, skincare/makeup line, CBD products among other capitalist innovations.

Choosing an ambassador and sending PR packages is one of the effective strategies in marketing a product. However, over the years there has been innovation in marketing practices.

Today, while certain celebrities are introducing their own manufacture of products as a side business. Most celebrities are looking out for proposals with partnership opportunities in the company's share. Subsequently, it means that the celebrity would cash any tangible product that is trendy in the market.

One of the reasons that celebrity line of hand sanitizer is frowned upon and labeled as the tone-deaf activity is because of the price surges in the market. While the high-end brands are selling the basic necessity starting from $7 to 20$, the standard companies are selling and manufacturing the mini antibacterial hand gel at the lowest price with minimum profit.

However, some figures even at the chance didn't cash the pandemic. Among the unrelated companies, the famous Louis Vuitton, originally a French perfume production line, was also included. However, the brand didn't receive any backlash from the media.

Louis Vuitton is one of the few figures who started the production of hand sanitizers for the donation. The LVMH owners claimed that the production line will be used to manufacture hydroalcoholic gels in large quantities which will be delivered to health authorities free of charge.

Another famous figure that made its place in the good books was the American multinational company Estée Lauder; one of the few who took initiative in the earlier days of the pandemic. The multinational company initiated the process of manufacturing hand sanitizer by re-opening a factory in New York. The representatives of the company said that manufacture is earmarked for the high need groups including the front line medical staff and population where general necessity are not accessible.

In the end, the practice that in the earlier days of pandemic deemed unethical is slowly becoming a standard trend for many companies. as the traces of Covid 19 is still present in the environment, hand sanitizer is a standard necessity available in several luxurious variants.

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