What are the types of nose/nasal  surgeries? Dr. Ashesh Bhushan

What are the types of nose/nasal surgeries? Dr. Ashesh Bhushan

Nose/nasal surgeries are performed on the outside or inside the nose. Nasal congestion is generally because of anatomic and functional problems causing flawed airflow in the upper airway. The causes of this problem are allergies, narrowing, or collapse of the nasal opening or, a nasal polyp. When medical assistance does not succeed, surgery can help you get rid of this issue. Dr. Ashesh Bhushan is the best nose surgeon in Greater Noida, consult him to know about the types of surgery available. 

Types of nasal surgery

The most common surgeries are turbinate reduction, septoplasty, rhinoseptoplasty, or rhinoplasty.

Turbinate reduction

The small structures that cleanse and humidify the air that passes through nostrils to the lungs are called turbinates that are made of a bony structure. Vascular tissue and a mucous membrane surround the turbinates. It gets swollen by the allergies or irritation which causes congestion. This is a procedure that involves the insertion of a needle in the turbinates, the energy is transferred to the tissue which causes controlled damage. By the time healing occurs turbinates will be decreased which will allow the perfect airflow in the nose. This is done after giving local anesthesia. There are no after-effects of the surgery and not even pain. Use saline irrigations and antibiotic ointments after surgery to prevent the recurrence of this issue.


The septum is a wall that divides the nose into two parts or nostrils. When Septum is moved to one side of the nose it is called a deviated septum. This situation can be by birth or due to an injury. It causes difficulty in breathing because of one nasal passage which is smaller than the other one. Nose bleeding and facial pain are some of its symptoms. Septoplasty is used to correct a deviated septum by straightening it and assuring better airflow through your nose. The incision is made on one side of the nose to get to the septum, then, the mucous membrane is lifted. The deviated septum is moved to the right position which is the protective covering of the septum. After that, the deviated septum is placed in the right position. The last step is to place the mucous membrane in its position.


It is a procedure that involves both septoplasty and rhinoplasty. This usually takes about 1-3 hours after giving the local anesthesia. The nasal cartilages and bones are modified to improve the appearance of the nose as well as to fix nose fractures.


It is also known as a nose job and is the most common type of plastic surgery to fix any type of damages to the nose. Firstly, you are given local anesthesia, and then, the incision is made in the nostrils to separate the skin from your bone and after that, the reshaping process starts.

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Dr. Ashesh Bhushan

Dr. Ashesh Bhushan

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