7 Unique Ideas for Trade Show Booth Designs

7 Unique Ideas for Trade Show Booth Designs

“Booths for trade show” – if this phrase does not excite you, then do not worry as you are not alone! We all have been to trade shows and exhibitions and see numerous booths/stalls without any interesting stuff! It means they are often too boring. With countless bland trade show booth designs, it is no wonder that most people struggle to come up with exciting ideas. So, how will you make on-brand, unique, compelling, and innovative designs? Where can you easily draw the necessary inspiration from? Before you connect with your booth designer, just check out the ideas we are going to list here. So, let us get started!

1. Living Walls

These walls have got their name from the uncanny ability they have to enliven the simple booth design. The idea is quite simple – just transform the main walls of the booth into vibrant collages of textures and colors. These walls are quite dynamic and amazingly economical when it comes to break-down, set-up, and conserving the available space. These walls look alive and showcase your brand’s true identity.

2. Huge Objects

Gigantic objects have always been the main source of fascination for people. Right from huge ceremonial checks to roadside attractions, you can use different proportions and objects that strike people with awe. Incorporating this allure into your trade show booth design is a fool-proof way to excite visitors. When you have a gigantic booth as an object, it will typically be begging visitors to come inside and explore. Simply put, keeping gigantic products is an outstanding way to magnify the appeal of your design.

3. Dynamic Seating

There are three major things that savvy attendee lookouts for – a comfortable place to sit, giveaways, and snacks. The seating area should be comfortable as it is an easy way to attract your visitors to your booth. Giving your attendees the right place to sit will work wonder for some good reasons. Firstly, visitors are more likely to be accessible to your brand message when they are relaxed and comfortable, instead of irritable from roaming all day. Secondly, by offering them a comfortable chair to sit in, you will give your visitors a good reason to be at your booth for a longer period.

7 Unique Ideas for Trade Show Booth Designs

4. Repeating Product Walls

A good marketing professional will surely tell you that it is nothing but the regular repetition that helps you seal the deal. This sure-fire method will play off the ‘human psyche’ in various ways – all of which can significantly be beneficial to your booth. First and foremost, attendees tend to drift down towards booths that look bountiful to them. Having all your products lined up in a proper sequence will make the look plentiful and neat. Secondly, a slight variation in the flavor or color will look more exciting. Lastly, products set-up at the eye-level will encourage your customers for browsing and interaction – key activities that will lead to the final step ‘buying’. In simple terms, a repeating wall will provide your targeted customers with the feeling of having an extensive range of options.

5. Repurpose All Vintage Vehicles

Is your brand like old-school cool stuff? Yes! Then repurposing should be your topmost priority. By doing so, you can give your brand good vibes. Whether it is a VW Bus, an Old Camper, a Vintage Pick-Up, or simply an Italian Sports Car, using a nostalgic aesthetic will help you grab the maximum eyeballs at your trade show booth. Vintage vehicles are considered quite versatile when it comes to trade show booth design ideas. So, by renovating the interior of your vintage beauty, you can convert it into a dynamic part.

6. Grab the Attention with Hangings

If you have a smaller space for your trade show booth, then you would surely hope to have a design that can make the most of the available space. And for this, you will need to employ a few but important optical tricks to keep everything from feeling cramped. To make your booth appear larger, you can draw attention by using vertical hangings. But overhead hanging can give you better outcomes as such hangings can easily be seen from a distance which is undeniably an added advantage if you are going to participate in a crowded event. Moreover, you can go for well-lit and brightly colored hangings to persuade a sense of wonder in attendees.

7. Fabric Architecture

It is one of the most practical things you can use for your booth design. Durable, flexible, and lightweight, these fabrics can be used to set-up and break a breeze. In addition to this, it can help you create elaborate yet complex architectural structures that would be almost impossible for engineers even with rigid materials. From the ultra-modern to the ethereal, trade show booth designs based on the fabric architecture will allow you to have the most unique and out-of-the-world piece.

Closing Remarks

All set for the upcoming trade show or event? But do not know how to get an appealing and creative booth design? Just get in touch with a professional and leading trade show booth designing company in India and ask them to incorporate all these unique ideas to deliver the best product so that you can stand out in the crowd.

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