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How the Job Analysis Can Best Benefit to The Company

How the Job Analysis Can Best Benefit to The Company

Heena Naaz 739 08-Oct-2020

Job Analysis helps to have a better employee and job fitment for the company. Job Analysis helps the company to determine and analyze a particular task or job which makes the process of finding employees in a much better way. Job Analysis is the preliminary step taken by HR department to source the right candidate. The complete job analysis process includes data collection and complete information about the job duties, responsibilities, and performance standards required, skills required and expertise required. Though this process is time-consuming still it helps to get enough details which helps the company to establish an effective hiring process.

The techniques used for job analysis:

  • Questionnaire form
  • Observation methods done by individual
  • Various checklists
  • Job scan
  • Rating scales
  • Technical Conference

Job Analysis covers:

  • Tasks and duties
  • Technique, tools and equipments
  • Working Environment
  • Skills and qualification requirement
  • Relationships and responsibilities

Let us check how job analysis benefits the company:

Job Analysis can be used to review performance

Job Analysis helps to have a great performance review, as job analysis helps to get complete details for the performance standards. The employer can match the job performance according to the job duties provided, duties which are to be evaluated.

Job Analysis helps in proper recruitment process

Job analysis helps to have a better and easy recruitment process. While screening the process, one can easily match the candidate’s profile as per the job description decided by the company. It also helps to set proper questionnaire. This process also helps to set the hiring process.

Job Analysis helps to determine the compensation

Job Analysis helps to decide the remuneration that must be provided to the employee for the particular position. It also helps to determine the benefits provided to the employees.

Job Analysis determines the requirement of training and development

Job analysis helps to develop the training needs for the particular profile. It helps to decide the program module, the particular area of training. Thus the knowledge gap between the trained employees and new joinees can easily be covered up.

Job Analysis helps to provide first hand information

Job Analysis helps to consider first hand information for the candidate who is applying. It also helps to get the particular job role, the risk involved, the technical qualification required and experience required.

Job Analysis helps to have Job-Employment Fitment

The proper job analysis helps to get proper employee for the required position, this helps to make the complete process very specific. Hr people may find the best employee with relevant experience and knowledge for the position.

Job Analysis though is time taking and takes lot of resource involvement, but ones the analysis process is completed it becomes very effective for the company to save money and resources and utilize them properly. Now-a-days every company is investing in doing job analysis as that helps them in long run to understand the potentiality of the employee as a resource and employer can also decide the right amount of remuneration which is to be invested on the resource. Even as it helps to set the particular Job Description or job duties for the employee, it has been also specific for the employee to concentrate on the appointed job and perform. Overall the job analysis procedure is really beneficial for the company, though in the preliminary stage it requires, time investment and resource investment but in the long run it benefits the company.

Heena Naaz

Heena Naaz

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