Top 7 things to do in Bohol

Top 7 things to do in Bohol

While Bohol might not have a fast-moving situation like Metro Manila, it offers a tourist a laid back atmosphere that puts one closer to nature. Bohol is filled with many activities to do and tourist places to visit. Hence, it is crucial to know the city before and choose these top things to do when you plan to visit the home of the Chocolate Hills. Come, Let's have a peek through the place.

Chocolate Hills Complex

Top 7 things to do in Bohol

First on the plan for the day is to visit the Chocolate Hills Complex in Carmen, Bohol to see the magnificent and eternal view of the well-known Chocolate Hills. With more than a thousand hills spread across a region of 50 square kilometres in the towns of Batuan, Carmen and Sagbayan in Bohol, the hills form a great picture that may make you believe it's a man-made creation. It's ideal for visiting this wondrous place during the summers as the slopes appear to be chocolate brown coloured in shading when the grass wilts. In this manner, these hills certainly seem as though they are giant chocolates.

Visit the Philippine Tarsier

The Phillippine Tarsier is located close to the Chocolate Hills. It is one of the second most-visited attractions and is the home of the world's smallest primate, the Philippine Tarsiers. Here, you'll get the chance to see the usual natural habitat of the Tarsius syrichta species which are endemic towards the Southeast Asian countries. You'll see them dozing (as they rest most part of the daytime), hanging on the branches, or see their big round eyes looking back at you. Due to habitat destruction, poaching, and different kinds of human interference, tarsiers have gotten endangered in the country. Along these lines, if you get a chance to visit Bohol, do remember to visit the Philippine tarsiers!

Go Cruising on the Loboc River

Top 7 things to do in Bohol

Every first traveller of Bohol should go on the Loboc River Cruise. Loboc River is one of the cleanest rivers and cruising through such streams offer you a crystal clear view of the underwater life. The cruise is generally around 60 minutes through a long, winding river while enjoying Filipino snacks, like, BBQ pork on a stick, pancit (noodle dish), rice, vegetables, and more during the lunch or supper buffet. During the journey, you will witness a few local people swimming, cliff diving, refreshing under a waterfall at the river end. After the trip, you'll head to a sheltered pavilion to watch the neighbourhood play out a few traditional Filipino songs and dances. Just get along those moves and enjoy the most up here.

Blood Compact

Bohol occupies a prime role in Philippine history as it saw a significant event during the Spanish period – the Blood Compact between Miguel Lopez de Legazpi of Spain and Rajah Sikatuna of Bohol. Out of love for the Sandugo (meaning Blood in English), Bohol Native and National Artist Napoleon Abueva made the figure which was set in Barangay Bool in Tagbilaran City. Apart from visiting The Compact Blood Site in Bohol, you can also visit many notable churches along the countryside, for instance, Baclayon Church which has frescoes, carvings, and delicacies from the fifteenth century.

Alona Beach

Top 7 things to do in Bohol

This is indeed the best thing to do in Bohol and is a treat for nature lovers. Situated on Panglao Island, there lies a little yet quiet stretch of tropical heaven called Alona Beach. This popular vacation spot quickly turned into the most-visited place due to its white sand characteristic, clear waters, unbelievable reefs, and various water sport activities like Diving, Swimming, island hopping, and dolphin-watching. In case you're searching for a relaxing getaway from the buzzing city life, it's unquestionably an absolute need to make a beeline for Alona Beach! Being home to a few resorts and restaurants, it's no big surprise it is one of the most visited places in the Philippines.

Flower Salad at Bohol Bee Farm

Bohol Bee Farm is a comfortable and relaxing place you wouldn't have any urge to miss during your trip. Apart from being home to the humming honey bees, it picked up fame for the delicious natural food being served at its own unique restaurant. Owner and Chef, Mr Vicky Wallace rented her chalet-style place to those who'd prefer to find peace and tranquillity on the island while recharging from the naturally grown food! Just have a healthy meal and relax on this island.

Danao Adventure Park

Top 7 things to do in Bohol

There's something else entirely to Bohol than seeing the well known Chocolate Hills, Philippine Tarsiers, perfect white sand beaches and pleasant nature spots. It is all about the sights and destination spots as well as drenching oneself in one of a kind activities and getting the adrenaline rush out of you. This is why you should pay a visit to Danao Adventure Park. Feel the adrenaline rush and question the adventurer inside you with many outdoor activities like zip-lining, rappelling, and sky ride in Bohol's wild side. Inside the area, you can also get three waterfalls, the Laguna Falls, Laman Falls and Hangtud Twin Falls. Spend time with your family and loved ones at these refreshing places and do not forget to click pictures.

Habitat Butterflies Conservation Center

There are many reasons why you should visit this unique Garden situated 30-minutes from the south of the Chocolate Hills. Here, you'll have the opportunity to watch several types of butterflies. Visitors are allowed to hold a live butterfly or let it sit on their shoulders. There is a butterfly enclosure with waterfalls and a variety of rare plants and flowers. Just past this, you'll locate an open nursery where guests can sit in a wooden Chinese pagoda-type structure, unwind, and take pictures.

Bohol is a bucket list place for every traveller while on your Philippines tour. Visit the place at your own pace and spend a relaxing and a laid back vacation with your family and loved ones by creating a customised Itinerary with Pickyourtrail. Remember, there is always an exclusive deal waiting for you!

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