The Biggest Challenges Personal Injury Lawyers Face

The Biggest Challenges Personal Injury Lawyers Face

Every day, thousands of people suffer from physical injuries. It’s the job of personal injury lawyers to help bring them justice by providing legal services to them. While this may sound like a simple task to some, personal injury lawyers know better - it’s not as easy as it seems.

Personal injury lawyers have to deal with challenges every day, ranging to the more general woes of professional careers to the more specific issues that are common among those who practice tort law. Read on to learn more about what personal injury lawyers have to deal with throughout their careers.

1. Time management issues

Sounds familiar? Even if you aren’t a personal injury lawyer, as long as you’ve had experience working a full-time job, you know how annoyingly difficult it can be to balance and manage your time effectively. For many full-time workers, time is indeed a luxury, and that’s especially true for lawyers, who work late into the night on their cases.

But just how difficult is it for personal injury lawyers to manage their time? Well, depending on where and when they work, there’s a good chance that they may not even have the time to give attention to their families or loved ones. This is especially true if they’re dealing with a particularly difficult case that needs a lot more work put into it for it to be resolved.

Time can be difficult to manage in any professional career, and that’s no different for personal injury lawyers. If not done right, it can seriously affect their personal lives, which can lead to a downward spiral of stress and depression.

2. Finding evidence

Hard evidence isn’t easy to come by in many personal injury cases. Whether it be due to lack of surveillance or tampering of the evidence itself, personal injury lawyers can find themselves without a solid lead. This is especially true for psychological injuries, which aren’t as easily proven due to the lack of concrete evidence.

And even if lawyers manage to find evidence that they think is relevant to the case, such as recorded CCTV footage, it may not even end up mattering in the end. Courts can have the final say as to whether or not the evidence presented is relevant to the case, which wastes hours or even days of effort.

3. The means of finding evidence

Looking for evidence as a personal injury lawyer isn’t as easy as pulling out a magnifying glass and staring at the scene of the crime with it. There are many restraints that prevent personal injury lawyers from effectively looking for evidence that may turn the tide of their case. Because of this, lawyers often end up expending more resources or time than you’d think to win their case.

And if lawyers try taking the easy way out, they won’t be able to do so without punishment. Courts issue penalties to lawyers who don’t follow these restrictions, which forces them to search for other means of finding the evidence they need. This can delay or even end up losing the case in certain situations.

4. You are required to be civil

While acting as a civil human being may sound like second nature to some, it can be difficult to maintain composure in the field of personal injury law. This is because, in many situations, emotions can cloud one’s judgement, getting the better of lawyers in the worst possible times. This, of course, can mean only bad things for the case, which can either end up being hindered or lost entirely.

To give a better idea as to how this works, it is important to understand the geographical context of working as a personal injury lawyer. Unless you’re a renowned veteran that gets hired all over the country, many personal injury lawyers work in the same area for most of their career. This leads to them becoming familiar with many individuals, including the judge, the jury, and most importantly, the defence attorney.

Because of this level of familiarity, it can be easy for emotions to take hold of the lawyers’ judgment. Maybe they are not fond of the defence lawyer’s personality, or maybe they feel as if that one particular judge does not favour them. Either way, these thoughts can cloud a person’s thinking and can turn a possibly winning case into a losing one.

5. The level of competition

Speaking of geographical context, it’s worth pointing out the struggles of finding clients as a personal injury lawyer, especially when you’re new to the scene. Since many lawyers end up working in one area for most of their career, the community will usually have the same lawyers available when they need help with personal injury cases.

This becomes a problem when one or more lawyers has a better track record than the other. Clients will always want the best possible chance of winning the case, so they will turn to whoever’s the most qualified or experienced. As a result, personal injury lawyers with no real history of success will often have to work under the shadow of the veteran lawyers.

6. When clients lie or refuse to cooperate

Clients are human beings at the end of the day. As such, they may not want to divulge all of the information needed for the case, whether they want to or not. It could be because of their personal pride or because it risks uncovering other issues, but either way, many clients end up lying to their lawyers. This is a huge problem for lawyers, as when the truth inevitably comes to light, it can severely impact the case.

Even if they don’t lie, many clients refuse to provide the information required to win the case. Because of this, personal injury lawyers need to either manage to work with what little evidence they have or just drop the case entirely.


As it is with any profession, personal injury lawyers have their own set of challenges that they deal with on a daily basis. Learning to cope and deal with these challenges is all part of being a personal injury lawyer.

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