7 Driving Test Tips to Help You Pass Your Test the First Time

More than 60% of teenagers earned their driver's license before they turned 18. That's an 11% increase between 2012 and 2019.

If you're eager to join your friends behind the wheel, you'll need to study hard and get plenty of practice beforehand!

Eager to pass the exam with flying colors? Here are the seven driving test tips you need to succeed. With these tips, you can pass your driving test on the first try!

1. Practice Makes Perfect

In the weeks before your behind-the-wheel test, try to get as much practice as possible. Learning how to become a good, safe driver takes practice.

Try to schedule as much time behind the wheel as possible with a safe driver beside you. Ask if they have any driving test tips that can help.

Otherwise, consider applying to a DMV approved online driving school. Practicing with an instructor can help you prepare for the behind-the-wheel test.

2. Get Ready to Adapt

One of the most important road test tips you'll need is learning how to prepare and adapt to any situation.

For example, make sure to practice in different weather conditions. Know how to react when an ambulance approaches, too.

3. Maintain Focus

Motor vehicle accidents are the leading cause of death for teens in the US. It's not enough to learn how to pass your driver's test. It's also important to put what you learn into use.

When you're distracted, you're more likely to make mistakes. Make sure you remain focused when you're on the road, especially during your test.

4. Know Your Vehicle

Many drivers feel more comfortable in their own vehicles. When learning how to pass your road test, make sure to practice in the same car you'll use the day of your test.

Some cars have more sensitive brakes and gas pedals than others. Practicing in the same vehicle will help you accelerate or brake safely.

5. Ask Questions

During your test, it's normal to feel nervous. Sometimes, those nerves can make it difficult for you to multitask. If you don't understand the evaluator's instructions, ask for clarification.

Otherwise, making assumptions could cost you points during the test.

6. Arrive on Time

On the day of your test, make sure to prepare well ahead of time. You don't want to rush to your test, which can make you feel stressed and anxious.

While you wait to take your test, try reviewing some of the basics:

• Remain centered in your lane

• Yield to pedestrians

• Stop completely at a stop sign

• Brake smoothly

Before your test, make sure your car is safe to drive, too.

7. Take a Breath

Before you take your behind-the-wheel test, take a deep breath. It's important to remain relaxed while you're driving. Otherwise, tensing up could make it difficult for you to react when necessary.

Pass With Flying Colors: 7 Essential Driving Test Tips for Earning Your License

Ready to pass your driver's test with flying colors? Before getting behind the wheel, make sure to review these driving test tips one more time. That way, you can earn your license and enjoy your freedom as a legal driver!

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