How To Choose The Right Cover For Your Pool

How To Choose The Right Cover For Your Pool

When summer comes, and you make sure to maintain the temperature of the water in the pool. The best and easiest solution is to install a swimming pool cover. Not only do we ensure the safety of the pool, this cover also protects from the dirt, debris and weather conditions that may occur. It is currently possible to find a multitude of protection for the pool with modern and practical designs. Experts believe that now, the sector is experiencing a magnificent moment where many pool covers are made with the most resistant materials. Above all, installation and maintenance are simple.

For the design and installation of the pool cover, the shape and size of the pool must be taken into account because it has to be adapted to cover its entire length. In most cases, it will have to be tailored and with all the necessary guarantees keeping the quality in mind. You can choose between a fixed or retractable cover with sections of different widths that fit the size of your pool entirely. These covers are practically easy to remove when you just to take a dip!

How to choose pool covers

If your pool is large enough for a whole family, try to cover it completely throughout the year to prevent it from getting dirty or deteriorating. For those who have thought about using the pool all year round, it is not practical to choose a canvas cover since it is not easy to remove, with the effort involved, every time we want to dive in! However, a fixed cover will allow us to access the pool area at all times and take a dip in our pool, even if the temperatures are very low. For custom pool covers, visit PVC Wales.


We love the automatic pool covers. They open and close as if it were a blind thanks to an electric motor. In this sense, it is essential to decide whether the mechanism is to be inside or outside. It has the advantage that the cover can be extended and picked up in a short time, which makes daily work easier. We are talking about a fairly comfortable solution at an economical price, which makes it possible to save quickly with the least investment when compared to retractable pool covers.


A manual cover is another comfortable and economical price solution. They are pool covers that have the same advantages of saving and safety. Of course, the cover does not use electricity. Also, you do not have to make reforms in the pool, which will help to make the price even cheaper.

Advantages of installing swimming pool covers

A swimming pool cover is a great solution to keep the water in an optimal state throughout the year and thus avoid unnecessary water costs such as changing it.

In the summer months when you start using the pool, having a cover is a great help when it comes to cleaning the space to prevent leaves, dust or insects from entering the water.

•  You can choose between the different types of covers existing in the market. There are currently simple low covers made of canvas, plastic that covers the entire pool or the height covers that protect all the area; in some cases, these covers offer an access door.

•   When designing and installing the covers, the shape and measurements of the pool itself must be thought of, as it will have to be adapted when covering the entire extension. For the most part, it will have to be done to measures and with the due guarantees of quality.

•  If the pool is large, it is best to cover it throughout the year to prevent it from getting dirty or deteriorating. It is best to stop because this way you can protect the pool and have the possibility to enjoy it for many years without having to go into any reform.

A cover that is fixed, makes it possible for us to access the swimming area at all times and be able to take a dip in the pool even if the temperatures drop. We talk about a solution of great practicality when using the pool throughout the year.

The six fundamental factors when choosing a pool cover

How long do we want to use the pool
The comfort that will provide you
The aesthetic impact
Pool size
What kinds of covers are there?

Make sure to install a pool cover

The installation of a pool cover is vital when the cold seasons arrive to conserve the water until the time when we are ready to swim in! On the other hand, a pool cover is also a sensible choice to avoid any accident can happen with the kids at home. Get your ideal pool covers from PVC Wales.

If you are looking for functional yet affordable pool covers, choose PVC Wales. Call now!

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