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What Are The Most Impressive Advantages Of  Direct To Garment Printing?

What Are The Most Impressive Advantages Of Direct To Garment Printing?

Pam Barnes 692 25-Feb-2020

For people who are close to an entrepreneurial spirit and drive tend to use more of this technology. A direct to garment printing in Denver has the ability to open up a world of business opportunities. A DTG printer uses digital inkjet technology which helps to print directly onto textile substrates thereby making it a cutting-edge T-shirt printing machine. Although this technology is fairly new to the industry, it’s already been welcomed by various printers due to the incredible benefits it offers small businesses.

Below Are Given The Most Impressive Advantages Of Direct To Garment Printing:

  • Profits and Better Sales

There is no surprise or hidden facts about how customized items tend to cost a pretty penny as compared to the usual garments. Since vinyl printing in Denver is popular and widely used, more people are prone to choose customized clothing that can fit their taste. Although a custom-made T-shirt runs on average of $20 to $25 (depending on the type). When you consider that the average operating cost to create a DTG print is $1 for specifically light-colored textiles and around $3 for a dark color, the profit potential is incredible. For this more cost is added up, which accounts for the equipment and hard-work behind a successful custom made DTG T-shirt.

  • High Quality

If you consider having a direct to garment printing in Denver, you will notice the digital printing is of better quality than the traditional one. These printers can fire many small droplets of ink, which results in detail of better and higher DTG printers that can easily create gradients and other types of color transitions that screen printers often struggle with. The screen printing technique lays expenses that are based largely on the setup process, this means the longer the print runs, it will result in a better reduction of the cost per piece.

  • On-Demand Capabilities

The screen printing is considered to be quicker and of course, runs short on the orders, the reason being that it requires plenty of color varieties. This process involves a good amount of upfront labor and skills to set up properly and execute to finish the garment in one go. At times the manual process is also used where someone of help is required to push the ink onto the garment with the help of a mesh screen along with a blade so that the color can be done at a time. As a digital process, on the other hand, a direct to garment printing requires little or barely zero amount of setup because it is less time consuming than the manual printing and fewer laborers are involved in the process. You can get it fully customized which will also enable you to charge additional fees for small orders.

  • Environmental-Friendly Process

Various screen printing techniques contain phthalates, PVC or other harmful chemicals, with the growing use of this, many leading DTG printer manufacturers have gone the extra step to become OEKO-TEX 100 certified. This means the water-based inks, the cleaning solutions, and the entire processes are environmentally safe. This gives operators the confidence of knowing that the chemicals they are working with are safe for their customers, especially children.

A direct to garment printing technology has not really been considered better if compared to teh screen printing, it signifies a major downfall or drawback of a DGT.

Although the DGT process can or will complement the existing business. You can easily let your screen printer handle your long runs while a DTG printer, on the other hand, will take care of short, on-demand jobs. In collaboration, they can help you build and sustain a profitable garment printing business.

Updated 25-Feb-2020
Pam Barnes

Pam Barnes

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