4 Step Guide on Converting YouTube Videos to Mp3

4 Step Guide on Converting YouTube Videos to Mp3

Sometimes you are binge-watching youtube and you come across an oldie song you haven’t heard in a while. While the nostalgia is where you run and search for the websites that allow you to download mp3 easily. Having spent some time searching for that one valuable website, I can say such a website doesn’t exist. Each website that says free download is a scam and we are sure you are seriously done debugging your electronics every time you mistakenly click an assumed downloadable link from a website?

Well now, converting video into audio is the best way to save a local copy of your favorite songs, broadcast, and even recipes to use when your internet is down or inaccessible. The easiest way to convert videos into audios is through online tools. Most of the websites instruct the process but it can be confusing to be followed. Read through the mentioned steps in simple words that most of the websites require you to follow to complete conversion into mp3.


While you are on your youtube search speer, the more feasible way to make a playlist of videos you want to convert later rather than continuously going back forth. Search the lyrical form of the video which is usually of minimal GBS and also doesn’t have pauses or dialogs in between from the original video.


Copy the link from youtube directly to avoid broken links. There are plenty of links with viruses and pop-ups and the rest would require you to sign-in and avail a few trials, such websites are not suitable for use or long term conversion. A few of the websites ask you about the conversion length. Conversion length is basically useful only if you want to download certain tunes only. Uncheck the box for the complete download of the video.


If you want more options you can click on the More option on the hyperlink. Mp3 is the default format for conversion but many websites allow you to choose between formats of acc., .ogg, .mp4a, .wma, .flac, or .wav. For audio conversion. If you see format options of .mp4, .m4v,.mov, .flv, .avi, .mpg, or .wmv. then these refer to downloadable video and play.


Paste the URL link and set your bitrate settings if required. Usually, simple websites do not offer such facilities. You might need to look for advanced tools for adjusting the sounds. The usual value is set to value is 192 kbps and can be ramped to 320 kbps. If you have high-quality speakers and headsets you can ramp the audio to highest but be vigilant of effects. Hit download and you are good to do.

Make sure your internet connection is stable or else each file will take longer. Although there are plenty of best sites for converting youtube videos the most down to earth you can come across is YT Converter. The steps and information are easy to understand and the downloaded audio can be directly saved to your Dropbox account.

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