Planning To Convert Videos From MP4 To MOV?Here's What You Should Follow

Planning To Convert Videos From MP4 To MOV?Here's What You Should Follow

The MP4 is one of the most famous as well as compressed file format that is used by a lot of Uniconverter users. If you are using an Apple device such as computer or phone then you know how important the MOV file formatting is. By converting the files from MP4 to MOV, the apple users will be able to play the file smoothly in their device. The MOV format is mostly used by people who are having an apple device.

In case if you are thinking to play the media files in iPhone or iPad or any kind of apple device then this conversion is the best possible way to do it. There are some other converters as well which help in converting the file into MOV format. Some of those tools are discussed below:


The other name of this software is Wondershare Video Converter Ultimatethat converts videos in batches from MP4 to MOV. This software is the best for video conversion as the quality of the video is retained when the conversion is made. The following steps will help you in explaining the ways to convert the MP4 to MOV in large numbers.

Downloading and installing the converter to convert it from MP4 to MOV format

First open the system where you are thinking to convert the files from MP4 to MOV. There you need to download the file and install the application.

Wait till the installation process gets completed. The process of downloading as well as installing the converter can be seen in the screen. Anybody will be able to download it by following the instructions.

You need to make sure that you do not miss a single step. The software will not function properly if you have not followed the process just the way the procedures were written.

This is the best software which is used for converting, editing as well as burning the media files and what not.

Adding the MP4 files that needs to be converted

To change the file in the MP4 format, you need to first add the file from the system or from the device where it is kept.

Then proceed to the convert button and select on +add files so that you can place the files from the system that will convert it into the MP4 format.

Otherwise you can also select the inverted triangle button that will open the menu button which will help you in adding the file directly from the device.

Editing the MP4 video before conversion

In case if you are thinking to customize the video, you will be able do it with this converter. The options that are available here are cropping, trimming, applying various effects, etc.

All these options are available under the thumbnail which will help you in editing the video.

With this tool you will be able to edit the video in your way. Compressing the MP4 video is also possible with this software.

Along with that you can also add subtitles, cut the video in small sizes to make different videos.

In case, you do not want to edit the video then you can simply skip the step.

Selecting the MOV option as an output format

Select the menu button so that you can opt for the convert all files button. This button is available at the top right corner.

You need to select the MOV option that you will find in the new window which will open up.

After that select on create custom button so that you will be able to customize the video.

Customizing the video is possible by changing the resolution of the video, changing the frame rate and lot of other things.

Converting the MP4 file to MOV format for windows and Mac users

Select on the option which says Convert Allso that the process of converting the MP4 file to MOV format can be done.

These files are then saved as the Output Button which if you want to change, can do it anytime.

You will receive your file in the MOV format and now you can transfer it in any device you want to.

This is the best way to convert the MP4 files to MOV format. Once you are through with these steps. You can easily perform the conversion easily!

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