How to Use Visual Content for Social Media Marketing?

How to Use Visual Content for Social Media Marketing?

Text content will always be important to the world of digital marketing, visual content is quickly showing its significance.

As social media is getting more and more popular, high-quality visual content is becoming an integral part of social media marketing. According to recent statistics, content with visuals gets 94% more views than content without. That means adding visuals on your social media posts increases its chances of being seen by the majority of people. But how to effectively use visual content for social media marketing?

Let's take a look at a few things you need to make sure when it comes to creating engaging visual content for social media.

Post Creative Images

Just like text content, visual content that is original and innovative tend to work well for marketing purposes on social media. In fact, creating high-quality visual content is a crucial part of any social media marketing campaign success. And unless you are working with a social media management agency, you need to create stunning images yourself.

There are various graphic design platforms that you can use to create visual content for your campaign. However, while creating one, make sure the images you design are consistent with your brand's image.

Create Engaging Infographics

Infographics come in handy for social media marketing. They allow you to present information in a visually pleasant and digestible way, making the content easy to understand by the masses. Posting infographics not only enables you to make the readers grasp information quickly but makes them remember for long.

Leading SMM services  use infographics to drive user engagement. They share posts that contain facts interesting to your target audience. Besides, they make sure the posts are simple enough for the readers to focus and understand.

Optimize Content for SEO

Visual content is becoming increasingly effective in driving traffic to social media channels. Content that contains relevant keywords allow search engines to recognize them.

Today, around 27% of search engines are for images, which means your posts have a good chance to be seen by the target audience through them. However, tagging the images using keywords is crucial for that, since search engines find descriptions that you add to your visual content. Hence, giving you an opportunity to attract your target audience through your post.

Use Video to Share Information

Though creating videos take more time and effort, they can play an excellent role in the entire marketing campaign's success. The two main social media platforms for online video marketing are YouTube and Facebook. But not every video posted on these platforms can be equally effective for your marketing purpose.

So, which type of videos work can gain the attention of your target audience?

Well, short videos are generally engaging, which means a 5 minute video post on social media channel can be more effective in transferring your message than a 20 minute one. Further, Vlogs, presentations, and live videos are a few video types you might want to use for social media marketing for gaining audience attention.

Post Content at the Right Platform

Undeniably, visual content is helping social media marketers in running successful marketing campaigns. However, that doesn’t mean content posted on any platform can give you equal success.

Each social network is different and effective for different posts type. Moreover, they attract different people based on their area of interest. For instance, Facebook works better for video content marketing, while Instagram works well for high-quality picture and personal promotion.

Just like a reliable social media marketing service, make sure that you choose a channel appropriate for the nature of your visual content. This will give you a better chance to do well in your entire marketing campaign.

Last updated:9/17/2020 6:14:42 AM
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