Magento has gained immense popularity in the entire online marketplace as one of the best e-commerce web application development platforms. It is ranked as an incomparable tool that can be used in increasing the revenue and outlook of the business on digital media. The key to a potent eCommerce solution is introducing creativity and flexibility in the solution.

To make the eCommerce store well embedded and enhance its productivity, Magento extensions must be used. The online retailers can get the most from this feature-rich platform by installing some plugins or extensions. The word extension comes from extending and adding extensions means to add extra functions to the eCommerce store. 

Right from keeping a track of the inventory and tracking the sales, to the creation of invoices, these extensions can be used in multiple ways. Their main goal is to boost the online business by extending functionality and guaranteeing high returns.

Although there are many eCommerce plugins available over the web but choosing the best ones can prove to be a bit of struggle for the online retailers. This is why we are introducing a handy guide of ten of the most essential plugins for your Magento eCommerce store. Using these extensions will most definitely prove to be beneficial for your online store while helping your business grow in the ever so competitive world.

If you have not decided which extension should you use then go through the below-mentioned list of ten must-haves and get some clarity.

YOTPO: Satisfied customers are significant to make an eCommerce store successful. This is just what one can get with the help of Yotpo. This extension has proven to be popular because of the functionalities that it offers. 

The customers are more aware in the present time and they evaluate the customer reviews and feedback in detail before making a decision to make any purchase. This extension helps in offering a great facility to evaluate the products on the shopping website rather than searching on the web. 

Good feedback about the products helps in getting increased revenue and retaining customers. The best part about this extension is that it can be seamlessly integrated with Magento. Some of the highlights of Yotpo are that it is mobile-friendly, helps in generating positive reviews, offers a complete integrating and proves to be a powerful marketing tool.

Zendesk: In order to run a successful online eCommerce store, online retailers must be ready to answer the questions asked by the customers on a consistent basis in case they want their customers to be happy and satisfied. 

Managing better customer interaction, Zendesk can be a very reliable tool. The integration of Zendesk with Magento offers a powerful two-way integration between the eCommerce data in Magento and the Zendesk data. 

The process is easy and assists in controlling all the customer interactions in one place monitor the important customer data like billing, shipping, order information, manages the creation, updating and closing of tickets.

One Step Checkout: This extension is made for making the journey of a customer seamless and quick towards a purchase while offering the best experience and business. Although there are many extensions developed by Magento it is imperative to have the one-step checkout because it makes the journey of customers easy. 

Additionally, it offers a responsive design, reduced cart abandonment rate and enhances the shopping experience of the customers. The best way to explain the one-step checkout of Amatsy is a store that eliminates all the barriers between the buyers and the page of completing the purchase. 

It provides online retailers a great way to ensure an increased number of conversions for the business.

Fooman Google Analytics+: Extending the functionalities of Google Analytics, the Fooman Google Analytics+ is one step ahead when it comes to offering reliable insights on the website performance. It assists in the conversion tracking, helps in filtering reports, touch tracking, comparing and analyzing numerous Magento stores all in one Google Analytics account. 

Using Google Analytics is a prerequisite for online business owners. Therefore, having Fooman as an extension will improve its functionality and reports all the more significant.

Featured Products: This one is a free Magento extension and assists in displaying the highlights of the store in the best way possible. It has a beautiful product slider which enables highlighting the products in an amazing way. 

This extension also allows moving the slider anywhere you want it to appear. There is no need for a person to be a code-master in order to integrate this feature as it is pretty easy to use it. 

Some of the most important highlights of this feature are that it is easy to install and use, it is mobile-friendly, offers free and reliable functionalities, supports many languages and stores. In conclusion, the featured product is a must-have extension as it is available freely, it is user-friendly and helps in generating extra sales by displaying some products.

Fishing: This fact is well known that WordPress is one of the most preferred platforms when it comes to content publishing and marketing. The business owners must consider blogging as an important marketing strategy. It is a great way to drive more traffic to a website without paying any money. 

If the blogs are informative and well written then the customers consider that website to be more reliable and knowledgeable. Offering an easy integration between the Magento eCommerce store and the WordPress blog, Fishpig proves to be a very useful extension. There is no need to change the WordPress theme because it can be matched with a Magento store with the assistance of Magento. 

Additionally, Fishpig also allows using the popular WordPress plugins that the online business owners might be fond of earlier. It offers the feature of relating the blog posts with Magento products and automatically logging into the WP admin. 

The WordPress integration with Magento is absolutely free and easy to install. Hence, in case the business owners prefer Magento’s eCommerce capabilities but they also want the best of WordPress blogging then Fishpig can help with the same.

Metrilo: Offering an all in one analytics tool, Metrilo is a CRM and an email marketing platform that assists in better customer handling. The eCommerce store produces a lot of data constantly. 

Metrilo helps in processing that data by giving relevant reports about the customers and their behavior that can then be used to create better email campaigns and results. It also helps in differentiating the regular customers, coupon lovers, visitors, extensive shoppers, cart abandoners, etc. 

Once you gain a good knowledge of the customers with this segmentation, it is possible to create a suitable marketing plan to track them accordingly. Some of the best features of Metrilo are complete customer profile, better segmentation, eCommerce analytics, integrated email marketing, retention analysis, product performance reports and marketing analysis.

Omnisend: This extension offers an extensive solution for producing more profits for eCommerce stores. With the features provided by Omnisend, the business owners can reach the customers through email, SMS, messengers, push notifications, etc. 

The integration of this extension to Magento can be done very easily and the customers, orders, carts, and products will be synced with the Omnisend account instantly. All in all, Omnisend allows exceptional market automation, a great customer experience, smart segmentation techniques for the targeted audience, A/B testing and KPI reports and visual drag and drop email builders.

Social Booster: The importance of social media in keeping the business on the track goes without saying. All the prospective buyers for all the brands are active on one social media platform or another. Most of these buyers make their final purchase decision based on the reviews and the feedback they receive from their social media profiles. 

Hence, there must be a way to ensure good promotion on social media platforms. Social Booster is an extension that ensures just that. It is the best way to popularize the reviews of happy customers and using them as a powerful marketing asset. 

Although there are many other extensions like Social Booster out there not all of them come with equal functionality which makes it a significant Magento extension.

SEO Hub: Search engine optimization is very important for the promotion of any eCommerce store. SEO Hub has proven to be one of the best and most helpful SEO extensions for Magento because it enables to manage the URLs, meta tags, data feeds, etc. 

In addition to all this, it also comes with some value-oriented features like fixing the number of products on which the templates can be applied, notification prompts in case something goes wrong, setting limits for metadata. 

SEO Hub can be used as an eCommerce extension because it ensures an exceptionally high ranking on the search engines.


The ten must-haves Magento extensions listed above are more than enough to enhance the eCommerce business and get great returns. The professional developers who work for credible Magento web development companies use these extensions to power up the performance of the Magento store.

Integrating all these extensions in the online shopping store improves the visibility, functionality, traffic, and profits of businesses.

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