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How Was The Year 2019 For The Internet Of Things?

How Was The Year 2019 For The Internet Of Things?

Tyrion Grejoy 1076 06-Dec-2019

Internet of things has taken the world by storm, and if you do not know it, your life as well. Just sit and think for a second how many IoT applications and devices you have been using. On the top of your head comes the super popular FitBits, Apple Watches, and Amazon’s Alexa and so on. Can you manage without your Google assistant? These are all powered by IoT. Here I take a look back at IoT trends in 2019.

IoT and Security

IoT and security are something which has raised a lot of questions and fueled lots of debate among the consumers as well the IT professionals. Though security in recent years has taken a huge leap due to IoT devices which comes with sensors to detect anomalies and raise the alarm. This had helped to prevent a lot of crimes before they happened. But even then we cannot ignore the risks that come with connecting your devices to the internet. Your devices contain personal information; an attempt at hacking can lead to data theft. It is a concern that has been plaguing consumers and IT professionals, alike. 

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What is alarming is that only 30 percent of the IT professionals are aware of the number of devices that are connected to their network. It is just not possible to keep a count of the number of devices forming a network as more and more devices are adding to the network every day. Yes, there is an IoT security policy but only a few companies have such a thing, and only a few of the company employees know about it. 

It is something to worry about as internet is not immune to DDoS attacks and we have seen how that hit hard Sony and Target and how long it took for them to recover from that. So even though every company is arming themselves up against such attacks, IoT is not entirely immune to hackers. It's only a year back when we saw the New York Times, Twitter, PayPal, and Netflix reeling from a DDoS attack. 

The Internet of Everything And Smart Cities 

Experts have envisioned smart cities, and Philips and Cisco have been working towards it by developing policies and plans for smart technology which will save energy and money both. While Amsterdam has taken the lead here and started making their city a Smart City, he was having set up a Things Network. IT professionals are calling it an Internet of Everything where in the city everything from parking meters, traffic signals, and street lights all are connected to the internet, and there is a seamless transfer of data without any hiccups. Amsterdam has also installed particular nodes into its boats to prevent them from sinking, which they often do. The nodes monitor the water, and once it detects the water to be too high, it sends a warning text to the maintenance company. 

Blockchain and IoT

The two technologies have merged over the years to become a stronger force against hacking. Experts believe Blockchain can lead to some fundamental changes to business transactions that take place all over the globe as it enhances the security system of the devices, can function on its own and can encrypt transactions. The merger is seen in a positive way as it cuts down costs at the ground level of industry manufacturing by eliminating the intermediary. 

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