How to Make a Brand Logo for your Blog or Website

How to Make a Brand Logo for your Blog or Website

hello friends this is ashwin here in this post
we are going to see how to create brand logo. yes so its very important for each and every organisation or a website having their own logos so let's see how.

Type in google
you can find a direct link in my post description. so this is the link click here so we need to login to this website here already registered.

in this website so i can directly login to this website here. So we suppose to enter the brand name here yes Here the list of templates
it will show a randamly if we want perticular,brand logo we can also select the fuctional area top here side according to this it will,fetch the related logo's for you here is the list of logos this one on going to select,yes we can also do some modifications so here according to your choice here am adjusting gaps. it's looking ok it's looking fine now
yes so click here Add to Wishlist here. it will show you a business cards templates. if want do modifications here, so here am clicking no thanks yes so it will going to show this here is the latest logo now. here,the top right side we able to see Purchase Design click on that yes continue to check out. yes so Remember here we created this logo legally so we can use this anywhere in our web site or in an organizasion any where.
here enter the card holder number and expiry,date and all, here we get this logo for 29$, its dipends up on your logo.i hope you enjoyed,my post.

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