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House shifting tips to follow while moving to new house

House shifting tips to follow while moving to new house

Madhuri P 647 01-Nov-2019

House shifting tips to follow while moving to new house

We know many of us always have a complain about the moving services we have taken during home relocation which makes us not  to believe anymore on packers and movers. We can mostly make the task very easy and comfort if we probably plan atleast a month before the actual moving to be taken place. Let, us some important measures to be taken while moving home:

Gather Packing boxes: As you are pretty sure to move to your new house , start gathering the carton boxes which are very important to pack all the valuables and you can gather these carton boxes like if you have purchased any large goods keep them safely so that they can be repacked while shifting for new home and some of them you can gather from your neighbours or scrap collector or shops as they have very large carton boxes.

Newspapers Collection : Gather as many as newspapers as they will be very useful while packing the things .

Packing supplies: List of items like Bubble wrap sheets , Markers , Packaging Tapes , Scissors , Labeling stickers .

Checklist: Maintain the checklist of all the household items to be packed and as well as the important documents to be carried and do this before a month so that you can add the new items which you remember every time.

Gather Old Clothes: Start gathering the old clothes because they can be used for padding the fragile items.

Take Pictures: We recommend you to take the pictures of the set-up of electronic items so that you may not confuse to reassemble it afterwards at your new home.

Label the Items: Suggest you to label the items whichever you wrap while packing and as well as the carton boxes so that they can be placed and opened accordingly at new home to their respective rooms which they need to be placed.

Pack the First to Open box last: Always pack the daily usable items last which may include toothbrushes, towels, soaps, some basic kitchen utensils and detergent so that you can easily use them as soon as you shift to your new home.

Stack boxes accordingly to the unload pattern: Always stack the boxes by numbering them accordingly so that it would be easy to unload them at their respective rooms.

Dismantle the furniture: Dismantle the furniture if they can be so that it will be easy to handle them as well as pack them.

Change of address intimation: Inform all your friends and social circle about your new home address . Also, make sure you update your address with the bank you are using so that you may not miss the opportunity to receive documents and letters from them .

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