3 Things to Consider When Booking a Wedding Shuttle

You can almost taste that feeling; the feeling that planning the best wedding you've always wanted requires precision. You want everything to run perfectly. After all, there can never be quite a day like your wedding day. One of the biggest concerns for both couple-to-be and wedding guests is getting the most reliable wedding shuttle to get them around. Last minute wedding transportation arrangements do happen to be a major reason many weddings, receptions, and after parties’ delay, leading to frustration and skyrocketing wedding venue bills.   

But you can take the hassle away from your big day, and say focus on that "I Do" experience-of-a-lifetime, knowing you have a reliable L.A wedding shuttle service to get your invited guests over in time and back to the designated point in similar fashion.

Here are some handy tips to get that kind of wedding shuttle service in Los Angeles and beyond.   

  • Evaluate your needs

    Think about it for a moment:
    How many people do you expect to pick up from a designated point, for example?

    Knowing that will give you a solid idea of the kind and size of wedding shuttle to deploy. A rule of thumb is to see the wedding shuttle fleet in person. You won't be travelling in it on the big day, so do make the time to feel how it will feel like for your guests to ride in it well ahead of time.
    Think it’s comfortable? Awesome.

    Need changes? It’s your wedding, so request them.
    Talking of ahead of time, keep in mind summer months usually are the busiest in terms of weddings hence the toughest to book the best wedding shuttle services in Southern California. Booking a wedding shuttle some 3-6 months in advance can help you secure the best for what could easily be the best day of your life.
    What’s your wedding shuttle budget, too?

    You may not be financially responsible for the guests’ transportation, but getting them a dependable mode that can whisk them on time, every time can take the worry of someone important missing the entire wedding or a crucial portion of it out of your speeding mind.

    You may also need to unavoidable last-minute changes, such as taking care of a sick guest at a hotel, so ask the service how they deal with that kind of scenario to evaluate if their customer service can be up for emergencies.

  • Hire professionals

    The last thing you want to have to deal with on your wedding day, of all days, is a clueless driver and lost guests calling in to let you know they don't know how to get to your special day. That can easily mean a delayed wedding, which can, in turn, cost you more in terms of venue expenses, mental fatigue for already arrived guests, and overall underwhelming experience for everyone.

    You want a shuttle service that has well-trained, dependable drivers. You want a service that thoroughly knows your wedding’s venue environs, has the best routes at its drivers’ fingertips and has a tab on traffic, road construction schedules, and known delays in that area.

    One way to secure excellent wedding transportation is to choose local experts. Need to wed in a Southern California county? Hire a professional wedding shuttle service Los Angeles couples love.

    See if you can find positive, independent reviews online of services near your planned wedding venue. Can you find a friend that used that particular service or other near the area to ask them about their experience? By all means, ask them.

  • Do provide a schedule

    Proper time management is key to ensuring the big day runs as you’d planned. The other way to ensure it does actually go as you intend is to have a firm but flexible schedule for picking up and dropping off your guests in a wedding shuttle.

    Firm here means getting things done on time but allowing enough time for time-takers such as wedding shuttle loading and offloading times. The best service can help you with developing a precise schedule based on their experiences during booking—although not many do, so ask up front.

    You won’t be around when this happens so you’d be smart to have a point person you can express your wishes for timeliness to. They can then ensure your guests are ready for the wedding shuttle when it arrives to pick them up.   

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