How to setup & stream Roku streaming stick

Refer the Roku streaming stick setup guide and you will find it easy as you proceed with the device setup.No matter any device model that you use the setup process almost remain the same

Features and specifications of Roku streaming stick are many and include 4K and HDR streaming options, excellent video and picture quality, voice search feature, latest streaming apps, attractive design and a lot more .

Once if you are done with the setup you are free to choose the channels that you like the most .

Most of the customers often come across setup errors and you can resolve it using the tips and tricks

How to setup & stream Roku streaming stick

Before you begin the process it is always good to understand the setup steps in detail. Suggest you to read the instructions below to get an idea

Device Setup Steps

The device setup steps include :

Collecting the requirements for the setup (Streaming device, device linking code, good speed network connection and the device linking page

Roku Account Creation

  • Create a Roku account visiting the page As you tap on the URL you will receive a prompt to type the name, email ID and password
  • Once if you are done with the account creation navigate to page and type the username and password

Device Linking Process

It is easy to link your streaming device. Navigate to the page and type the device linking code

Complete the initial and guided setup

The initial and guided setup include connecting the cables, establishing a good speed network connection, setting the display, language and a lot more

Wait for the software download

The software download process is automatic and all you need to do is to check if the software version is the latest

Select your favorite channel

You can select any channel that you like visiting the channel app store. It’s simple, type the name of the channel in the search tab. Get the search results and click on the Add channel option

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