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Bankers Are Solving Real-World Problems Using these Financial Marketing Tools

sid rawat 1129 11-Apr-2019

Bankers Are Solving Real-World Problems Using these Financial Marketing Tools

With the growing needs and expectations of clients, the very nature of banking has witnessed a significant transformation. From new social and mobile features, banks are introducing new ways to deliver better customer experience and sustain competitive power in the market. Moreover, with new trends and technologies being rapidly introduced, banking has become an ever-evolving industry. Leveraging the right tools have become imperative in order to thrive in the highly competitive banking landscape. But the question that arises here is, what are these tools and how do banks effectively implement them. An advanced financial management course can allow bankers to gain comprehensive knowledge of important tools and help them effectively integrate them into their existing system.

Following are some of the best financial marketing tools that bankers are using to thrive in the digital marketplace today:-


In order to survive in the present market scenario, banks need to build an effective and strong communication channel. SimplyCast focuses on smart marketing automation, allowing managers to automate important tasks associated with client outreach, thereby freeing up their time to focus on core operational areas. The tool integrates inbound marketing, multi-channel client communications, and market automation, making it a vital tool for the modern banking industry.

Redtail Technology

Redtail Technology offers comprehensive solutions including email marketing, document imaging, risk management and customer relationship management. The tool has been developing tailored CRM solutions for its clientele since the year 2003.

FMG Suite

Even the most established banks need to reach out to new customers. However, generating new leads is a challenging task to accomplish. FMG Suite is a valuable tool that provides access to lead generating websites accompanied by effective marketing tools that help banks churn up more customers.

Constant Contact

Despite the popularity of social media, instant messaging, live chats, etc., email continues to hold a powerful venue in every industry, let alone the banking sector. Whether it is to reach out to new customers or communicate with the existing ones, Constant Contact is a valuable marketing tool that streamlines email marketing and makes it more effective.

Campaign Monitor

Along with a unique campaign idea, it is equally important to invest in marketing tools that help you ensure the success of your campaign. Campaign Monitor is an easy to use email marketing tool that helps in designing email marketing campaigns from scratch. It further allows firms to monitor the performance of the campaign, fine-tune their approach accordingly, and ensure effective implementation.

Marketing can be very challenging, especially in the present dynamic marketplace, and access to the right tools proves to be highly beneficial. Above are some of the most effective tools that can help bankers reach out to their customers, understand their expectations, and eventually develop a great marketing campaign that reinforces their stance in the market.

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