Know the technology stack behind UberEATS-like app development

The usage of mobile phones and internet penetration revamped the entire business culture, irrespective of its size. It doesn't matter whether you start small or big, or how much you invest in the business; since now, you have the essentials to reach each end-user easily. So, the development of your business solely depends on how well you plan to market it. But, when you plan to enter an already competitive market like food delivery, you have to be well-prepared.

Mobile applications have started playing a vital role in every business. Moreover, all on-demand services, including the delivery businesses, are using apps to be more customer-friendly. As UberEats' business model is the most adopted one among entrepreneurs, it is better if you take up the same route. The company incorporated features such as geo-tracking, booking, confirmation, payment integration, review system in its food delivery app, the same as what it has in the ride-hailing application. This created a familiarity in the usage, and millions of downloads were achieved within a short period of time. Thus, choosing an app like UberEats for your new delivery venture will never leave you unprofitable.  

However, it is essential to know a few strategies to remain unique in the crowd. As technology stands as a base, you can concentrate on integrating simple models than choosing a complex structure. Once you offer the right app with easy navigation and processing features, you can quickly attract a lot of potential customers.  

If you are not sure what to incorporate, then this article will provide you with information to enable a better understanding of it. Read on to know more if you are planning to develop an UberEATS-like app.  

Technology stack behind the development: 

A great blend of technology is required to create a parallel app like UberEATS. Below, we have listed a few for your convenience: 

Payment integration - Use Braintree, Stripe, Ewallets for online payments. Also, don't forget to accept cash. 

Database storage - Use AWS, Google for a better cloud environment, storage, and backup.

Framework - Android and iOS come with their own framework, so, there won't be any issue.

GPS-tracking - Can use Google Location API (For Android) and Core Location Framework (for iOS).

Navigation - Use Android Maps API and Mapkit for Apple devices

For listing (menu) - To display restaurants as per the chosen location, the developer can use any popular API like Foursquare.

Login - Make it simple by using Facebook SDK login or any other social media login

Analytics - To review the performance and analytics of your business, you can simply use Google Analytics or Mix Panel.

But before discussing all these with your developers, make sure to know their knowledge in development and marketing consultations. As they get regularly updated about technology adaptations, knowing those will help you in the long run. However, choosing the right team can help you achieve your intention soon.  

Ensure to hire an expert team that is well-versed in development. Usually, startups look for cheap solutions and end up unsatisfied. So it is crucial to research thoroughly to get the right developers. Investigate the portfolios and get in touch with their previous clients to know about their development procedures. Once you are convinced of their credibility, you can begin discussing your plans with them.  

If you find difficulty in searching the right developers, try AppDupe. They provide the best UberEats clone in the town at an affordable price. With easy customization options, they allow you to redesign and rebrand application to fit your business requirements. Reach them today to get started today. 

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