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A Crazy November in Morocco

A Crazy November in Morocco

Sarah Marri 666 08-Oct-2019

Morocco is a perfect holiday destination in all the seasons around the year. Why I chose the destination to have a reason, November is an off-season time when the destination doesn’t have a rush of tourists and locals. I’ve been offered the best Morocco holiday packages by various competitors and opt for the most affordable one. This is a credit for off-season trips. My last year's November experience was the most memorable one, this was the first time when I traveled alone and enjoyed a lot, which I never expected from Morocco But yes, Morocco worth a visit.

A Crazy November in Morocco

Excerpts from my Morocco experiences

This will help you if you are aiming to tour Morocco in November. As per my experience, Morocco welcomes you in every season all around the year. Travelers who don’t want to come on the time when the destination is rushed with the travelers, they visit the place off-season and so get many benefits from it. Let me tell you a thing, it may or may not affect, but my tickets from London to Marrakech was so cheap and the package I got to visit Morocco was all-inclusive, that doubled my excitation and I enjoyed my Morocco trip a lot. What you may know of my experiences are.

Search for the cheap competitor:

We got relatively low fares from a company which was offering me the least. If you are just planning to go to Morocco on these vacations, you should search for the ticket price and the company offers you relatively fewer fares of traveling. Although this doesn’t mean that the flights on the off-season destinations are always cheap, but luck matters. You should check flight schedule and flight fares to compare with each other. You will probably get the best option hopefully.

Why Morocco in November?

Morocco is a place worth a visit anytime of the year. In November, tourists come to get the average weather, neither full winters nor the Summers. Tourists enjoy the season. What we got there were the stunning experiences in Marrakech, Fez and the Atlas mountains in this season. Our off-season experience was the best one. But it is a little tricky. Understand this thing that Morocco in November is cold, average cold weather which enthralls the visitors to enjoy and roam in the preserved alleyways in Medina, bask in the soft sands and take the opportunity to get into the Sahara pleasures.

Weather, you will find in Morocco in November?

The weather is cool. Remember and keep yourself up to date about the weather conditions in Morocco. It will some breezy in cold on the mainland and coastal areas of Morocco. The average of the temperature in the mainland areas of Morocco during the fay time is 18 degrees to 25 degrees. We were told about the temperature in coastal areas during the daytime is almost 10 degrees Celcius. So if you are heading towards the coastal destinations, keep yourself covered with slightly warm clothes. If you are heading to the mountains of Morocco, you will need to take your extra care. The temperature drops down in Atlas mountains to the freezing point. You need to keep warm jackets, long boots, warm scarves, caps, gloves, etc. In November, Morocco expects rainfall, and hard conditions of the cold weather, you should bring yourself a long parachute coat, and the dresses to tackle rain. Must keep an Umbrella with you.

Is there any November festival in Morocco?

Although it is not a festival month in Morocco still you may find great pleasure with the events there. There is a very interesting event, the independence day in Morocco. It held on November 18th . We were invited to the central national celebration in the palace of Rabat on this day. I, as a foreigner enjoyed a lot and could witness how Moroccans celebrate their independence day. Morocco took its independence from France in the 1950s. What else can be found in Morocco is the film festival, held on November 30th. It is also called Marrakech international film festival because it is arranged in the cultural hub and the red pearl of Morocco, Marrakech. You will find a lot of things in Morocco but did you searched about where to go to Morocco in these vacations?

Where to visit in Morocco in November?

You will want to visit the various cities of Morocco like Casablanca, Chefchaouen, Rabat, Tetouan, Agadir, and Tangier. I personally had a lot of cultural exploration, Basking on the mat on the soft sandy beaches, soaking in the sun, and a lot of activities were there we had there. But with all this experience, will you forget the role of food? No way. In Morocco, a very major exploration will be the local, traditional and very delicious foods there. Don’t forget to have the rich dishes like Lamb Tajine, Couscous, and B’stilla. Mint tea there is a special thing you will be fond of. I want to wish you good luck with your experiences there.

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