4 Important Traits your SAP Partner Must Possess

4 Important Traits your SAP Partner Must Possess

Digitalization today is the talk of the town, and it’s affecting every industry irrespective of its mode of functioning. Be it pharma, food & beverages, retail, transport, etc. or manufacturing plants – there’s a need for system integration and automation for prosperous business growth.

A good ERP suitable for end-to-end business needs is all you need to take the first step towards digitalization and business automation. SAP Business One is one such smart and robust software to help you overcome your daily challenges and embark on your digital journey. It integrates all your business processes enabling you to attain greater control and insights into your business activities to make insightful decisions. Also, when you empower your employees with error-free, data accuracy software – you make them more productive towards valuable mission-critical tasks.

Not just this all, SAP B1 comes with powerful add-ons specific to your industry and unique company needs that you can get customized anytime anywhere. These features include mobile sms alerts, multilingual features, HR and payroll, POS, etc.

SAP Business One is the most trusted secure, complete and affordable ERP solution for your growing business needs. But to leverage all the benefits of SAP B1, you should only consult SAP gold partners for successful implementation and smooth functioning of the software.

There could be n numbers of SAP partners out there, how do you choose the best one for your organization? This could be difficult to analyze. To make it easier for you, here’s a checklist. Look for the following traits in your partner before settling on the final SAP implementation.

1. Customized Solution

Every company has its unique requirements. So, ERP has to be literally resigned as per the organization’s needs. This means that there’s a vast scope of incorporating innovative ideas into ERP. If your vendor can implement all your ideas in your ERP solution, he’s the partner of your choice.

2. Support and Consultation Service

Regretting a decision once made wholeheartedly is the worst thing that could ever happen. Thus, it is important to do good research on your partner, related to their support and consultation services. SAP B1 is easy to use, yet, some of the users might find it difficult to use, and thus your SAP partner should be capable of teaching all the know-how of the system to your team members dedicatedly and should be open to entertaining all kinds of query, anytime anywhere.

3.Expertise in SAP Implementation

Go through the methodology your partner is using for SAP implementation and investigate:

  • How many successful SAP implementations your partner has done so far
  • If your partner has good expertise in your industry vertical
  • If they provide both on-premise and on-cloud deployment as per your needs
  • How good your partner is with implementing the updates
  • How good they are with project testing

4. Communicating the Risks and Issues involved

There should be complete transparency while working with your SAP partner. You should communicate all the issues likely to occur and act accordingly to serve you the best.

That’s all to highlight some of the traits in your sap implementation partner, hope you choose yours wisely. Just a piece of advice – Do not forget to ask for demos and do not hesitate to test as many partners as you want before settling on one.

Last updated:9/17/2019 11:31:29 PM
Raju Shahi

Raju Shahi

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