How to Pack Glasses for a Safer Move?

How to Pack Glasses for a Safer Move?

Worried about your expensive glasses while moving? If yes then here are some tips for you to pack them properly. Since glasses fall under the fragile category, they need to be packed very properly with the right kind of packing material like bubble wrap and crumpled newspaper. To add on, they need to be boxed up properly, so that they remain safe while they are being relocated.

Go through the following packing tips-

Prepare the box- To prepare the box for keeping the glasses for moving, you should first set a thick layer at the bottom of the box. You can set this layer with the crumpled newspaper, packing paper or any other moving sheet that you have. Crumpling and spreading the sheet beneath will keep your glasses absolutely protected. Just make sure that you keep this layer thick enough to provide cushion to the glasses.

Pack each glass- Just avoid packing the entire set of glasses in one paper. This way, they are likely to get cracked and broken by colliding with each other while they are being moved in the moving truck. Just keep in mind to wrap the heaviest glasses first and then lighter ones. Place the heavier ones at the bottom of the box and then keep the lighter ones at the top. Wrap each glass with the newspaper properly or you may choose a wrapping sheet which the hired Movers and Packers Mumbai have brought.

Box it up- After wrapping all the glasses, just make a nice tight package by folding over the ends at the bottom. A perfect packing will be ensure when you will no longer be able to feel the edges of the glass. If the edges are still felt then you will have to give them another layer of wrapping. Now, you can box them up. Make sure that you cushion the box with peanut foam, thermocol and maybe bubble wraps. Proper cushioning will prevent any collision and damage.

Load at the end- Note that the box of the glasses must be loaded at the end only. After you have loaded all the other heavy items of the house, you should then choose the glass items at the end. This way, they will remain protected during transit.

Thus, you need to follow the above tips to pack your glasses and let your packers and movers know which boxes have them. Good luck!

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