How to prevent strokes from happening?

How to prevent strokes from happening?

A brain stroke is one of the leading reasons for death across America and also throughout the world. It can be sudden and can come without warning at all. A person might seem totally healthy in one minute, and the next moment he might fall and die. But the most troubling thing is, a person might have a stroke, and he may not feel any symptom for days, even months. So, this article will shed some light on the matter of preventing a brain stroke.

1. What happens during a stroke?

A stroke is a condition where the blood supply to a certain part of brain is shut down. It can be temporary or permanent. The brain is most likely to endure damage when a stroke happens. The damage is determined by the region of the brain that is getting deprived of the blood supply. It can disable the motor function of the body partially or fully.

2. Identifying strokes

There is an acronym that can help to recognize a stroke or the symptoms of a stroke. The acronym is FAST. If you break it down, F for Face drooping. It is to see if the person can smile without drooping. During stroke, drooping or uneven smile is going to happen. A for Arm weakness. You have to ask the person to lift up his both arms. S is for Speech difficulty. The person may not be able to talk clearly, have slurred speech. Look for any abnormality. Finally, T means Time to call for help. With this FAST acronym you can easily identify a stroke and might save the life of a person or the life of yourself.

3. Preventive measures for avoiding stroke

The prevention of stroke is not very complicated. It is just like preventing any other disease related to the heart or coronary diseases. To prevent a stroke from happening, eat healthily. The diet change is a major factor of preventing stroke. Avoid junk food and oily food. Eat lots of vegetables and fruits. The second prevention would be daily exercise. Nothing can beat a good exercise in prevention of any kind of condition. Exercise is must for preventing stroke. Avoid smoking. If you are a smoker give up right away and also limit your alcohol intake.

4. Treatment for a stroke patient

The treatment of the patient suffering from a stroke has some guidelines to follow. At first, they are given fluids through Iv because they are possibly dehydrated. Then oxygen should be provided to ensure maximum delivery to the brain. In case of breathing difficulty, the physician must take actions. The blood pressure must be brought under control. Otherwise another stroke might occur within the first few hours. The patient is advised to remain calm if he is conscious. The person who had stroke before are at greater risk here. So, they must be treated with utmost care.

Having a stroke is not a matter you take lightly. It can be life-threatening, deadly. The treatment can cost a fortune. So, if you are thinking about financial support you may prepare beforehand with Medicare Supplement plans 2019.

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