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What Are The Trends of Logo Designing Today?

What Are The Trends of Logo Designing Today?

Jeff Roger 618 11-Sep-2019

A logo is referred to as small and symbolic artwork representing a business. For it to be called a logo in business, it should be versatile, timeless, instantly recognizable, and embody your brand. 

In any design choice, you make for a logo, it should, therefore, strengthen the above features. Besides, more logos have memo ability and simplicity for natural guidance. So, you should focus on trendy logos that accomplished the goals.

It's not all the modern logos that have been created similarly. For a well-designed logo, it will help in boosting awareness and can be essential in improving your marketing strategies. If the logo is poor, it will tarnish and outgrow your brand.

Here are the trends in logo design:

Simple Typography

Currently, a simple design is not a new trend. Having memorable presentations and clean lines, an individual can easily understand the draw.

For the established firms having complicated logos have been taking their brand stock identity and also re-evaluating on ways they can bring a fresh perspective of aesthetic.

Responsive Design Logos

If you have a business, you need to have a versatile logo. You can print the logo on product packaging, business card, website, outdoor billboards, brochures, or a Smartphone icon. It, therefore, has to be flexible and can be used in various situations.

If you hire a logo design from, ensure they include responsive design. It will be essential in use for all places or devices.

Bright Colors

The color impacts on the way you can see the world. Due to the physiological powerfulness of color, it can be used in persuading or even influencing the audience.

Colors and especially the bright ones, they will continue taking center stage considering the modern logo trends.

The red blight colors conjure of feelings of power while electric yellow highlights enthusiasm, adventure, and youthful energy.

These bright colors can be used easily by businesses. All you need to choose is right shade to amp your 2019 vibrancy!

Perspective Play Logos

It will be vital to play with perspective ways because you can challenge the norms of the traditional logo design. If you have a business that wants to create a splash, it should have logos playing visual games.

Fragmentation, distortion, visual breaks, and warping are among the exciting ways of breaking the mold using an engaging way.

Moreover, you will also alter kernel or even overemphasize specific elements for you to highlight particular qualities of the logo through unexpected ways.

If the logos are surprising, tricky, and clever to play with perspectives, they will give a definite change of space. So that you have assurance it works correctly for you, it will be advisable to ask the graphic designer some of the mock-ups having your logo on the items.

Negative Space

It looks simple and also sophisticated. For those logos creatively using negative space, become exciting ways of exploring simplicity. It is a trend that strongly continues in 2019 and has a good reason.

The logos using negative space have existed for long, and some are becoming iconic. If you use space while hiding image, shape, or text in the logo adds elements of sophistication and surprise.

Updated 11-Sep-2019

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