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4 Important Facts That You Need To Know About Free Vpn Services.

4 Important Facts That You Need To Know About Free Vpn Services.

Augustus britt1004 08-Sep-2019

In recent years, VPN has gained so much popularity due to the ability to overcome geographical restrictions. For instance, if you wish to access a particular Netflix content which is not offered in your country, using the best VPN services can help you bypass such restrictions.

While looking for the best VPN, you may come across free VPN. We all love free things, and why not? With the current economic hardship finding free things can save a life. At that time, you may be inclined to opt for VPN services. Its human nature, no one can blame you. So just before you sign up for the free VPN services, the following essential facts you do need to know.

4 Important Facts That You Need To Know About Free Vpn Services.

Facts About Free VPN Services 

They say the best things in life are free, and nothing in this world is free. So which old saying appeals to the use of a VPN? So when it comes to the best VPN, then, believe me, nothing in this world is free. While trying the best VPN by any chance you get to cross path with a free VPN provider, then know there is a catch. No VPN provider can offer their services for free for an unlimited period. So what do you need to know about free VPN services?

1. Illegal Data Mining

The main goal of VPN is to protect your digital footprint. While encrypts your data and prevents Google from storing your information. Free VPN providers do collect the data and store it. The data can be sold to a third party, which can be used to gain a financial advantage of you.

2. Injecting Malware into Your System

There is a common saying that goes by anything cheap is expensive. The case is true with the use of free VPN services. There is a common trait that most free VPN tend to have. They inject malware which can be used to spy or steal your most sensitive information.

3. Bandwidth Theft

Have you ever heard of bandwidth theft? For those who are not tech-savvy, bandwidth theft means using PC resources to move traffic on the internet. Bandwidth theft is a severe cyber breach. Recently, a free VPN provider, Hola VPN was discovered stealing bandwidths from its millions of users then reselling it for a profit.

4. Hijacking Your Browser without your permission

While looking you for the best VPN, you may come across VPN common feature that is shield connection, privacy protection, and ad-free browsing. While this may be the case of paid VPN providers, the situation may not be similar to free VPN providers. Studies have shown that some free VPN redirects your browsing to specific websites without your permission. This case was valid by Hotspot Shield which was found redirecting traffic to Alibaba and .

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