Starting from enhancing outer appearance and protesting against age-old concepts of society to expressing bottled-up emotions and honouring someone close, there are several reasons behind getting inked. Now while all of us are aware of aesthetically pleasing and profoundly meaningful designs, I have explored a few cringe-worthy tattoos, which can generate nothing but regrets.

Tattooing: Eight Major Designs You Must Never Choose

1.    Tribal and Maori tattoos have acquired widespread recognition. These bear special significance in several noted cultures, thus, you must opt for them only after putting in much thought. Also do not butcher something ancient through customisation.

2.    What might seem hilarious when you are 19 might not give away similar degree of humour forty years later. Etching jokes on skin or selecting crude body arts is a bad idea because these are very difficult to hide.

3.    According to professionals determining Bangkok tattoo price, a large number of people carve their beloved’s name or face to show affection. Even though such a romantic gesture can melt anyone’s heart, you must be absolutely sure that your love relationship would last forever.

4.    Designs in foreign language obviously look incredibly exotic but you must carefully analyse before wearing it. Who would want a motif that they think has a deep connotation but is actually quite trifling.

5.    Most practitioners of the said art refuse carving unpleasant designs that spreads hate. Opting for these tattoos bring forth controversies and troubles, so, please do stay away from them under all circumstances.

6.    While back, arm, shoulder, chest, thigh, etc. are acceptable locations, you must never try inking your face. Apart from being excruciatingly painful, they seem very trashy, and at times might provide you with image of a convict.  

7.    Being spontaneous is a great characteristic trait but applying it when getting tattoos might not pave way for a desirable outcome. For something permanent, you should carry out thorough research, seek specialised recommendations, and arrive at a decision carefully.

8.    Finally, yet importantly, engraving a breathtaking quotation on your skin such as “It is better to reign in Hell than serve in Heaven”, “It is our Choices that show what we truly are, far more than our Capabilities”, etc. stand to be an excellent idea provided spellings and punctuation marks are correctly placed. Hand over resources to artist only if you are fully confident.  
According to highly skilled artists working in top Bangkok ink tattoo studio, staying away from designs stated above could save enough money. Wondering how? Suppose you etch something visually unappealing or offensive on your skin. Then you have to either unfortunately undertake a laser removal procedure or invest in a cover-up, both of which are pretty expensive.

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