Did you know that there is so much more to Facebook Messenger than the basics? Like sending and receiving money. Shocked? Don’t be. Because in this blog you will learn about the numerous features that Messenger offers. However, keep this in mind that you would need access to the Internet to use these features. They are not available offline. Which, by the way, should not be an issue. Subscribe to a reasonable service like Spectrum internet offer. And you are good to go.

Without making you wait any further, I unveil to you some hidden Facebook Messenger tricks.

Send and Receive Money via Messenger

To begin with, how many of you all agree that the introduction of Facebook Messenger annoyed you? Because it meant for everyone to open a separate window to chat to friends. But who knew that Facebook had some unique plans in mind. Making it to the list is one of the best features that Messenger has to offer- sending and receiving money. Earlier I mentioned the need for you to stay connected to the Internet to use the features that Messenger has to offer. However, this feature asks of you to have another thing on hand- the debit card. And both sides need to have a debit card if you wish to use this service. Once you have ensured that you and the sender/receiver have it, follow the given easy steps use the money transfer feature:

You need to add your debit card details. The procedure to go about it is different for Android and iOS users. The former need to tap their ‘Profile’ icon and locate ‘Payments’ as they scroll down on that page. The iOS users, on the other hand, have to tap on ‘Settings,’ and select ‘Payments.’ Once done with this step, users of both Android and iOS need to tap on the ‘Add New Debit Card.’

After that, you need to open the chat with the person that you wish to send or receive money from. You will see a ‘More’ icon in the toolbar, click on that.

Select ‘Payments’ from the menu. Tap on ‘Next’ to skip the information screen. You will reach the ‘Pay’ screen by default once you do as instructed. Enter the amount of money that you wish to transfer to that person along with the note stating the purpose of the payment. Click on ‘Pay’ and Tada payment’s made.

In case you want to receive a payment, tap ‘Request’ on the top of the screen. Enter the amount of money that you wish to request along with the reason. Click on the ‘Request’ button and wait till the sender accepts or declines it.

For either case (sending or receiving money), you will have to wait for the sender/receiver to approve of or decline the request made.

Pretty simple, isn’t it!

Well, there are many more hidden treasures (read: features) that Facebook Messenger offers including:

Add Nicknames

This is a rather fun feature that allows you to add nicknames for your close friends. Or you might have friends who changed their surnames on Facebook. But you only remember them by their old names. This can be pretty confusing. Especially when the ‘new’ of that particular friend appears on the screen. And you have to process it in your mind for some time before realizing that that’s your old pal. So to save you from this confusion, Messenger introduced this feature. All you have to do is click on your friend’s name on Messenger. The options will appear before you. Click on the ‘Add Nickname’ option and add the name you wish to.

Boarding Pass

You read that right. You can even use Messenger as your boarding pass. But you will have to check whether the airline that you are traveling through offers this feature or not. Because some airlines give you the option of sending or receiving your boarding details vis Facebook Messenger. From your flight details to check-in information, you can receive it all on your Messenger. And when you arrive at the airport, you can use the messenger as your portable boarding pass. 

Send Spotify Tracks

Unless you live under a rock, you know what Spotify is. So, if you have Spotify installed on your mobile, tablet or laptop, you can share tracks with your friends on Messenger. However, for your friend to be able to play the track, he needs to have Spotify installed as well.

All this and much more only on Facebook Messenger. You can even talk to a chatbot to order an Uber or carry out any other function like the one available for Charter Spectrum customer service. And from there, the chatbot will perform the function for you. This is in case you do not want to chat with people. Now the AI technology is so advanced that the chatbots will converse with you just like any other human. And you will actually find it hard to differentiate between a robot and a human being.

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