When consider hiring manpower, it is necessary to follow a few steps that help to pick the most qualified candidate for a particular role. For this, Placement Agency in Delhi is proving helping hands to follow different hiring steps and add staff to your business that leads to having a talented candidate in your firm. Thus, it is the right time to invest in finding the right consulting agency so that your company grows. Here are the best 15 steps that consultancy agencies follow in hiring a suitable candidate as per individual organisation need. 

15 Steps Of The Hiring Process Which Is Followed By Agencies?

Know the need for hiring:

When a position in a company is vacant, HR has to identify the availability and follow the next steps to recruit the right candidate. They develop the hiring needs and specifications under which the candidates will be judged and hired for the company. 

Make an effective plan:

Concerned departments in a company agree to perform the hiring for the available job positions. 

Analyse and create job description:

A company agrees on a job opening and creates a job description that helps to hire an agency to select the right candidate. 

Promote and post opening:

An opening in an organisation is communicated to the desired candidates.


Here hiring agency focus on looking for the right candidate using the social media and industry events. This helps to get the potential candidate for the required job posting. 

Screening the applications:

Once the initial application for the job interview is received through an email. Resumes are analysed and selected for the screening interview. 

Screening interview:

This is basically a screening process where the HR representative conducts interviews over the phone. 


In this step, an individual is accessed on various skills. The step is to come one to one and discuss various things between the hiring manager and the applicant. Here detailed on work experience, skills, availability, etc are focussed. 

Talent assessment:

During the interview, a candidate is assigned some tests to assess different talents in an individual. This also checks the physical and mental ability to perform the required job. 

Background check:

Once the final step of an interview is completed, a background check is performed to verify the criminal record, employment eligibility and credit checks. 


In this process, Manpower Consultancy makes a final decision on a candidate based on his entire interview process, skills, job experience and talent assessment. 

Referral checks:

After the candidate is selected, referral checks are performed about his past jobs, strengths, performance and weakness. 

Offer the job:

In this step, a candidate is provided with a start date, salary along with other terms and conditions of the employment. In this, a candidate can opt for salary negotiation and even can turn down the offer.  


Once an individual candidate accepts the job offer, he completes the necessary forms related to taxation, eligibility and company-specific forms. 


Once the above steps are taken, a candidate goes through a comprehensive onboarding process. This process helps a candidate to have an overview of work, network, training schedule, etc.

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