More than 30% of websites are using Wordpress as CMS. Are you still stuck with outdated website development tools? If you want to set up a professional website in 2019, Wordpress can be a perfect platform for your needs. Wordpress supports all types of websites no matter you are building a single-page website or a professional site for your multi-national company.

Setting up your Wordpress is easy in 2019 as they have introduced very easy to use installation tools in their UI. We will go through the basics of setting up your Wordpress website in this article.

Custom Website Development

If you see that Wordpress or other modern tools are not suitable for your business needs, you can hire a professional custom website development company like for your business goals.

Prepare your Site’s Content

The basic purpose of setting up any website is to publish and share your content on the internet. Before jumping into the setup of Wordpress, make sure that you have outlined your website content. You must spend some time searching for the best information about your business and company. Make sure that you are using effective content to represent your company for the visitors of your site.

Content is the king of your site so, focus on quality content and avoid copying content from other sites as search engines don’t rank copied sites.

Create Pages

Prepare a plan to publish your content on your site. Divide the whole content into different pages on your site. When you have categories and pages, it makes the navigation easier for the visitors. The main or landing page of your site is called Home Page. The Home Page must consist of the most important information about your site. This page should deliver a clear idea of your site and services.

Choose Professional Theme

Instead of developing your complete site structure, you can use Wordpress’ themes. These themes are developed by professional developers. Some people like to choose a theme first but it might create some issues for your content plan in the future. When you already have the content ready for the site, you can choose any theme that fits perfectly as per your content and pages.

If you don’t find your desired theme in the free section, you can also use Paid themes. Both Free and Paid themes are perfectly designed to meet the needs of different fields and businesses.

Create Menu for Easy Navigation

If your site is a single-page website that has all the content on Home Page then you may not need the menu bar for your site. But most of the sites have multiple pages and menu bars make the navigation easier for your visitors. Menu must have access to all the features and information that your site is offering.

Users can also access your Home, About Us, and other pages through this menu.

Final Verdict

Wordpress is not always the best choice when it comes to customer needs. In Wordpress CMS, a stage comes when you see that Wordpress no longer meets the criteria and that stage, you must hire a professional development company.

If you are new in this field, this basic guide about setting up your Wordpress website may not be enough for you. If you have a budget, you can hire any Wordpress developer to set up the site for you. Although setting up a Wordpress site is easy yet consulting with an expert can be a good decision while setting up a Wordpress website.

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