Netgear Extender: Best Friend of Your Wireless Network

Netgear Extender: Best Friend of Your Wireless Network

NETGEAR Wi-Fi extender for various wireless devices enhances existing Wi-Fi signals and enhance overall signal quality over long distances to increase the transmission distance of Wi-Fi networks. Simply put Wi-Fi extension forwards signals from existing Wi-Fi routers or access points.

Meet the Wi-Fi extender before you initiate the setup; familiarize yourself with the expander's LEDs and buttons:
•    Front panel and side panel
•    Bottom panel switch Connection status indicator.
•    Power Indicator WPS one-click encryption button
•    PC connection indicator reset button.

LED description
Observe LED status changes or monitor expander Wi-Fi during local installation. Yes, to determine the best position of the expander.

Connection status indicator:  This LED reflects the absence between the Wi-Fi extender and the router.

Line connection status:
• Stable green: the best connection.
• Stable amber: good connection.
• Steady red: Poor connection.
• Off: No connection.

Power indicator: This LED illuminates when the Wi-Fi extender is turned on.
PC connection indicator- this LED is connected to a computer or other mobile device gets lights up when the Wi-Fi expander.

Button description:
The side panel has the following features:
Switch - Turn the device on and off.
WPS one-click encryption button - Works with wireless devices that support one-click encryption for a fast and secure connection. Press this button and the expander enters the WPS search mode. All indicators on the board flash. Also, there is a reset button which is located at the bottom of the device. To empty the expander configuration, insert a paper clip into the reset hole. Keep pressing and hold until the power light is blinking. The expander will reappear after releasing the button. Once started, it will restore to factory settings which is very beneficial in issues like cannot open

Install Wi-Fi extender
Place the Wi-Fi extender, plug it in, and connect it to the Wi-Fi network.

1. Place the Wi-Fi extender in the same room as the Wi-Fi router for executing the Netgear extender setup. Note: Proximity Wi-Fi routers are only required during the initial installation.
2. Plug the Wi-Fi extender into a power outlet and wait one minute. The power indicator lights up in green. If the power indicator is off, press the power button switch.

Connect to a Wi-Fi extender In order to expand the coverage of the Wi-Fi network, the Wi-Fi extender must be connected to the existing Wi-Fi - the internet.
There are two ways to choose:
• Connect using WPS. For more information, see Connecting with WPS for login.
• The alternative is connecting using sprite smart settings. For more information, see Using NETGEAR Smart Setup to connect

Connect using WPS
Always use Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS, Wi-Fi Protected Setup). The network name and password can also be added to a secure Wi-Fi network.

Note: WPS does not support WEP wireless encryption. If you use WEP encryption, please refer to given below guidelines:

Connect using WPS:
1. Locate and press the WPS One Touch Encryption button on the Wi-Fi extender.
2. Within two minutes, press the WPS button on your Wi-Fi router, gateway, or access point. The connection status indicator on the Wi-Fi extender lights up and the Wi-Fi extender is connected to the existing Wi-Fi network.

Tip: If the connection status indicator does not light, try again. If it still does not light, please refer to Read using the NETGEAR Wizard Smart Settings to connect

Find the new Wi-Fi expander network name.
After successfully connecting to an existing Wi-Fi network, the Wi-Fi expander's network name (SSID) gets changed to an existing Wi-Fi network name with _EXT at the end of the name.

For example:
• Existing Wi-Fi network name: MyNetworkName
• New extended network name:  MyNetworkName_EXT

    Connect your existing Wi-Fi device to the new extended network (MyNetworkName_EXT).
    Use the same Wi-Fi password as your Wi-Fi router.
    Unplug the Wi-Fi extender and move it to a new location near the area with a poor Wi-Fi signal.
    The location you choose must be within the network of your existing Wi-Fi router.
    Plug the Wi-Fi extender into a power outlet and wait one minute.
    The power indicator lights up in green. If the power indicator is off, press the power button switch.
    Observe the change in the connection status indicator on the front panel to determine the placement of the Wi-Fi extender and you have achieved the Setup Success.

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