DIY Christmas Crafts Supplies & Carpet Cleaning & Repair

How to Remove Glue from Carpet, Glitter & Paint Too!

Christmas craft supplies Crafting is popular year-round, but even more so during the Christmas and the holiday season.

Christmas is a crafter’s dream-come-true … but it can also be a mess if materials end up on your carpet.

Christmas crafts require glue, glitter, paint and other liquids and adhesives that can potentially cause permanent damage to carpet if not cared for properly.

DIY Christmas Crafts Supplies & Carpet Cleaning & Repair

If crafting materials spill on your carpet, follow these tips from Carpet Repair Melbourne : -


Red and green glitter is a staple of a lot of Christmas craft projects. Glitter adds a little sparkle to snowflakes or Christmas cards and other paper projects but it also can be a big mess and usually ends up all over the place.

Thankfully, glitter is pretty easy to clean from carpet. In order to remove glitter from your carpet, you will want to vacuum over the area at least six or seven times until there is no visible glitter on the surface of your carpet.

Be sure to clean out your vacuum bag or canister after you vacuum the glitter so that you don’t spread it around your home the next time you vacuum.

If you see glitter deeper in the carpet fibers, get a damp, white cloth and blot the glitter until all of it is removed from the carpet.


Almost every Christmas craft requires glue. Be very careful when using glue over carpet because it can be a very difficult stain to remove if it dries.

If glue gets on your carpet, act fast before it dries. First, blot the glue with a damp white cloth to try to remove as much of the glue from carpet without using any kind of detergent or cleaning agent.

If simple water doesn’t work, you can use a white vinegar cleaning solution that’s half water and half vinegar. Vinegar is one of the best cleaning solutions for removing liquid-based stains.

If neither the water vinegar works, mix a mild detergent with warm water and then blot the glue carpet stain until it is gone.


Similar to glue, if paint gets on your carpet you will want to remove it immediately before it dries and causes permanent damage.

To remove wet paint, first use a wet white cloth and blot the paint stain. Don’t let the paint dry. Continue to blot until all of the paint is removed.

If the paint dries before you remove it, use a mixture of detergent and hot water to soften the dry paint and then attempt to scrape it away using a butter knife. Be careful thought to not cut or fray the carpet fibers.

You can continue to dampen the paint with the solution as you scrape in order to keep the paint from hardening.

DIY Christmas Crafts Supplies & Carpet Cleaning & Repair

Professional Carpet Repair & Cleaning

If you can’t remove the stain on your own after using these tips, you might want to consider hiring a Melbourne carpet cleaning service. After all, you won’t want any carpet stains when your guests arrive for Christmas!

Fresh Carpet Cleaning in Melbourne provides drier, cleaner and healthier carpet cleaning that requires no soap, less water and no harsh chemicals. Their technicians are highly trained in Remove Milk Stains From Carpets and will have your carpet looking great for your guests.

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