Today, the stylish man stays on top of the fashion trends just as much as his female counterpart. For years fashionistas watched the latest trends coming out of France, Italy, London and New York to dictate the latest “must have” garments from top designers. Today, men are looking to see what top designers like Louis Vuitton, Alexander McQueen, Valentino and Versace are showcasing as the hottest fashion trends for 2019.

They say everything old is eventually new again. This could very well be the fashion “theme” of the 2019 spring fashion season. Many of the timeless looks we’ve seen before are once again hitting the runways.

Some familiar men’s fashions include:

Super Shorts: Super shorts are back and designers like Prada, Hermes and Jacuemus are all showcasing more skin with shorter shorts.

90’s Rave Couture: Spring and Summer 2019 fashions feature many looks made popular in the 90’s grunge and rave days. Balenciaga and Martine Rose are just a couple of the designers that feature throwback looks like oversized shirts and hoodies.

Tie-dye Everything: Tie-dye shirts, jackets, slacks and sweats are all the rage in new retro looks from Louis Vuitton and Ambush.

Bohemian Chic: Prints and fabrics are being mixed and matched to create a bohemian chic look. Layers and draping are back on the runways by trendsetting designers like Wales Bonner and Loewe.

The Trench Coat: While it may have never gone away completely, the trench coat is now back in a big way. Runways were full of both classic and new trench coat designs. Designers Alexander McQueen, Hedi Slimane and other designers highlighted the timelessness of this classic coat.

Day-Glo: The well-turned-out man will be hard to miss this spring in his neon best. Designers show everything from day-glow shirts, T’s and suits. While the colors are bold the designs were flowing and “soft” giving it a retro, yet modern feel.

Must-Haves for Today’s Fashionable Guy:

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