BIOME Concept Car is a different concept of growing car, yes you heard it right. It is a concept of growing in the laboratory rather than on a production line, where ever normal car is made. It came into reality only by the efforts and dedication of the engineers of the company ‘Mercedes-Benz’. Mercedes-Benz has always been a giant in the field of the automobile.

The growing of this concept car into a lab in a natural way is completely a unique and a very innovative way for this world which is on its way to promote more use of bio-products and encourage renewable resources. The vehicle was imagined by the designers of the Mercedes-Benz Advanced Design Studios in Carlsbad, California. It’s been said that the product will be fully integrated into the ecosystem, at the time when its creation started and right through to the end of its service life.

BIOME Concept Car

The Mercedes-Benz BIOME is a Natural Technology Hybrid which forms the part of our ecosystem. Hubert Lee, the head of the Mercedes-Benz Advanced Design Studio, said, the BIOME Concept Car grows like the leaves on the tree. The whole vehicle is completely in biodegradable form. In Layman’s term, the BIOME Concept Car is pretty much an organic hybrid which was created in complete association with nature. It creates own oxygen and works as the improvement of air quality.

For the growth of the BIOME Car, Mercedes-Benz has developed the technology to retrofit trees with receptors which can harvest their Solar Energy into BN4534. It promotes the work in the way of planting more trees and collecting more energy, as well as improving the Ecosystem. The car automatically fuels itself by Sunlight, similarly, trees prepare their food by using the sunlight.

The vision of BIOME Car includes the growing of Bio-Fiber for making the body of the vehicle, and it is much lighter than metal or plastic and stronger than steel. With the use of bio-fiber the resulting car would weight of around 394 Kg. As well as, the entire vehicle will be fully biodegradable.

BIOME Concept Car

The interior of the BIOME Concept Car grows from the DNA of the Mercedes Star on the front of the vehicle. Whereas, the exterior grows from the star at the rear of the vehicle. So, to arrange the specific customer requirement, the Mercedes Star can be genetically engineered to attain the specific result on the demand, and the vehicle grows when the genetic code is combined with the seed capsule. Two seeds are used to make the interior and exterior of the car, one seed separately for each. The wheels are grown from four separate seeds. The windows, fenders, and bumpers are also made of recyclable plastics.

The BIOME Car is powered by the future fuel known as ‘BioNectar4534’. The interestingly, the fuel doesn’t get stored in the fuel tank like other cars. The fuel BioNectar4534 is stored in the Bio-Fiber material of the frame, interior, and wheels. But the problem is that no one is aware of that how to refuel the car. Whereas, when the car is on road, its only by-product is Oxygen in place of the harmful pollution.

The innovation of BIOME Car was one of the most eccentric concepts which were unveiled at the ‘Los Angeles Design Challenge in 2010’. The production of Car is very much similar to the culture of organic materials in the laboratories. It’s been a natural technology hybrid which is a way ahead of time, but this revolutionary invention of the car will definitely change anybody’s approach relating a vehicle to pollution.

It is a four seated small car will be safe and comfortable which offers good handling performance and a top-class design. As well as, the working model of the lightweight and an environmentally friendly smart car is developed to handle the challenge aptly.

The smart BioNectar4534 is driven by two 15kW Electric Motors which are powered by a replaceable lithium-ion battery. The motors are placed between the rear wheels. All of its function can be managed by an iPad, like Air conditioner, Speedometer, Navigation System, and Battery Charge Indicator. The BIOME Car is a very nice amalgamation of Organic Intelligence and Biomechanical Engineering Artistry.

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