Over the last three years PWAs have been gaining importance among the developer community. And it is not without reason – Progressive Web Apps are the intersection at which web capabilities deliver app like experiences to users.

It is a blend of versatile features that are intrinsic to the web and apps. PWAs are free from the need to be locked onto platforms, offering users a flexible way to use the internet on mobiles.

Understanding the Importance of Progressive Web Application Development

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Businesses get to benefit immensely by developing PWAs. While the jury is out about the possibility of native apps being replaced by PWAs, there is no disputing the fact that a large number of businesses have found PWAs to be of great use. Here is why, PWAs have found traction in just three years :-

Reaching out to a wider audience

PWAs come with the ability to reach out to a large number of individuals in the shortest possible time. This can be achieved without the need for considering the different platforms. A Web Development company need only spend lesser time and effort towards development and the same product can then be accessed by all targeted end users.

High speed loading

Time is the biggest differentiator for everyone. A businesses needs to turnaround faster, a user needs to get information faster, users do not fancy the option of having to wait for an app to download or install – it is all about time. PWAs offer businesses and users the advantage of instant loading. The loading is device agnostic, and all that is required is connectivity and a Web App Development company gets to deliver high speed loading that users crave.

The next level of updates

A practical problem that users typically faced when using apps was the need for updates. While in most cases, the updates occur without the need for actually looking for one, it does require user permissions and it takes time. With PWAs, users are spared this operation. Users get to simply enjoy all the benefits of the latest changes made by the Web App Development company, without having to make any changes in the end user device. Businesses can make any number of changes, and the changes reflect instantly, getting all users onboard.

Single version

Every Web App Development company tries to keep native apps across different platforms as similar as possible. However, differences continue to emerge with different platforms demanding different methods for the same feature or function. PWAs offer a single version that is common to all. Users of all platforms get to see and use the same functions and features, dispensing with the need for businesses to process user interactions differently.

Ability to transmit notifications always

Businesses need to be on top of their game when it comes to engaging and re-engaging users always. In other words, it means that businesses need to share information with users whenever there is a change or a new intimation. With PWAs businesses can ensure that push notifications reach the user, regardless of the web browser status. The notifications are delivered even if the browser is closed on the device.

Responsive to meet the new preferences

PWAs offer businesses the advantage of being responsive. Mobility is the new normal and all web designs are expected to be responsive. With PWAs businesses experience more of a default option, with the content fitting into all screen sizes naturally, without the need for separate developmental efforts.

Greater visibility

Time, visibility, and convenience are the combined game changers in a competitive world. PWAs offer businesses greater visibility as it resides on the home screen always. The PWAs are always available for use without the need for users to search within device. This visibility comes with the added advantages of swift access and greater convenience, rolling all into big advantage.

Possibilities for addition of impressive functionalities

PWAs offer businesses the option of offering impressive functionalities to users in a manner that is similar to native apps. Integration of hardware functions including Bluetooth and sensors make the PWAs more versatile and useful without the need for separate developmental efforts on the part of the Web App Development company.

Discoverable through search engines

Though apps are popular, the number of apps in various app stores often make it difficult to locate the desired app. PWAs offer users the options of using search engines to locate the same effortlessly. And search engines are more effective when it comes to searching on the internet. Search engines are more user friendly and AI driven, offering the best results from the widest possible choice. This makes search engines more powerful than search options in app stores.

PWAs may not really replace native apps due to multiple reasons; however, PWAs are being increasingly developed and put to effective use globally. The number of advantages and distinct features make PWAs more suitable for specific use cases and are more convenient for users who may find it challenging to install multiple apps.

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