Maruti Suzuki India Limited is one of the oldest and largest automobile manufacturers in India. It is widely used by more than half of India’s population due to its quality and economical standards. Maruti Suzuki uses the best in class technology to improve your driving experience and promises a better future for generations to come. It also gives us more than just attractive cars, it promotes eco-friendly habits and believes in keeping the environment clean and green which is why the emission of smoke from the cars is reduced to a minimum level.

Due to the staggering amount of air pollution in Delhi, CNG cars have become very popular to reduce emissions because they severely harm the environment. Maruti Suzuki CNG Fitment Delhi is available in most cars or can also be added as an additional feature easily to help in creating a more sustainable world. Maruti Suzuki car dealers such as DD Motors provides eco-friendly CNG option in every automobile they make.

Benefits of driving a Maruti CNG car is as follows:-

1. Cuts Fuel Expenses- CNG being an eco-friendly fuel not only helps the environment to remain pollution free, but it also saves a lot on your fuel expense. Since air pollution is at its peak in Delhi and petrol prices keep increasing nowadays, Maruti Suzuki Car CNG Fitment, Delhi is a great investment as it cuts down fuel expense by 60% and also improves the efficiency of the automobile by 40%.

2. Safety- CNG gas has a very low flammability rate of 5% to 15% only, which makes it extremely safe as compared to other fuels like petrol and diesel. With Maruti Suzuki CNG cars, one can be assured of reduced chances of accidents related to the fire.

3. Lower Maintenance Costs- The maintenance cost of your Maruti Suzuki Car CNG Fitment, Delhi will be cut down greatly because there will be longer waiting periods before oil changes and tune-ups.

4. Reduced Damage to Your Car- CNG literally leaves very less or no residue as compared to diesel or traditional gasoline. This indicates that the damage to tubes and pipes in the engine will be highly reduced.

5. Better Performance- Your Maruti Suzuki car will experience better performance because CNG gas engines are much superior to gasoline engines in performance. Natural Gas also has an octane rating of 130.

6. Cleaner Fuel- Since CNG does not contain particulate matter, toxic additives, heavy metals or sulphur, it is safer to use and does not contaminate your Maruti Suzuki car’s motor oil.

Maruti Suzuki is a consumer-friendly and eco-friendly automobile manufacturer, CNG Fitments for your Maruti car is easily available to promote a greener environment.

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