Maruti Suzuki India Limited is one of the oldest and most popular automobile manufacturers in India. It believes in being responsible to its customers and promises to evolve with the consumers changing needs. Maruti Suzuki has proved to be the best in the automobile industry so that it ensures utmost efficiency. Maruti Suzuki cars are built in a way so as to ensure its customer's safety and satisfaction.

However, there can be certain accidents in life which are sudden and uncalled for. It is not necessary that one has to be prepared at all times during the accident. This is why Maruti Suzuki provides excellent customer support such as car servicing or car insurance to reduce the amount of damage after the accident. While buying a car, a customer can avail many Maruti Suzuki service offers in Delhi so that they can later use these services if there is an accident which causes immense damage to the car.

Steps you must follow if your Maruti car has been in an accident:-

1. NoteDown Necessary Information at The Accident Site- Suppose if a vehicle has hit your car or it has grazed your car while overtaking, you should note down details of the other car such as the car model, colour and most importantly car number. This will help you to file a police complaint and help you to salvage money from the person who was responsible for the accident.

2. Take Your Car to The Nearest Service Centre- There are plenty of Maruti Suzuki service offers in Delhi all year round, so if your car has suffered certain damages in the accident, it is important to drive down to your nearest Maruti service centre. Since Maruti Suzuki has hi-tech instruments and technologies, if the damage is repairable, your car will be back to normal in no time, especially with the help of expert mechanics working round the clock to fix your car.

3. ClaimYour Insurance- This is one of the most important steps if your car has been involved in an accident. Maruti Suzuki provides car insurance which will help you in situations like these and will reduce your financial expenditure for repairs. If your car has been damaged beyond repairs, then the car insurance will pay you a certain amount of money.

Accidents are uncalled for and can happen in the blink of an eye, in such cases one should make sure they are safe and then drive to the nearest Maruti Suzuki service station in Delhi to fix their car as soon as possible.

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